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Success for All Theme 2 Teaching and Learning Standards Unit.

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1 Success for All Theme 2 Teaching and Learning Standards Unit

2 Teaching, Training and Learning - round 2 materials – E-learningE-learning Putting teaching, training and learning at the heart of what we do The resources 4 CDroms Group CPD activities - What is e-learning? 6 activities in total 8 Case studies/approaches – effective practice and embedding principles of e-learning. Electronic Skills audit - Learning activities to meet needs of teachers & trainers - linked to practical demonstrations of skills & case studies Signposting existing resources, NLN 120 plus activities on a CDROM, JISC, BECTA

3 Rationale behind materials to promote debate about effective e-learning practice to encourage recognition of where you and your organisation are placed on the e-learning journey to encourage you to adopt many of the strategies demonstrated to motivate you to develop these strategies further through reflection and evaluation of current practice to promote a foundation on which to build a continuous professional development programme, around e-learning

4 Continuous Professional Development Activity 1 - E Learning in practice Overview of this activity The aim of this session is to enable participants to explore and identify through discussions the role, definitions and principles of e-learning. This is an introductory exercise and has been developed to promote discussion. Objectives Establish an understanding of e-learning To identify the key principles of e-learning

5 Snow ball activities Question 1 What is e-learning? What does it mean to you Question 2 How does it add value to the learning experience? Putting teaching, training and learning at the heart of what we do

6 Barriers to E-learning Q. What are the particular “barriers” to e-learning? Using the snowball approach to group work 1-2-4 or simply working with a partner, identify some barriers to teaching and learning using ICT/e-technology (5 minutes).

7 Definition of e-learning ‘e learning exploits interactive technologies and communication systems to improve the learning experience. It has the potential to transform the way we teach and learn across the board. It can raise standards, and widen participation in lifelong learning. It cannot replace the teachers and lecturers, but alongside existing methods it can enhance the quality and reach of their teaching’ (Towards a united e-learning strategy, DfES, 2003)

8 Added value – Focus on the learner Meet the needs of different learners Engage learners Motivate further learning Develop learners’ skills, knowledge and understanding Encourage independent learning skills Offer differentiated routes to learning goals Allow learners to take more control over the learning process Challenge the learner and allow for extension opportunities Provide support for learners and learning when required

9 Success for All Theme 2 Teaching & Learning Standards Unit

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