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JK/Kindergarten Orientation. Welcome to Callaghan Elementary School.

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1 JK/Kindergarten Orientation

2 Welcome to Callaghan Elementary School

3 Meet our Staff

4 Mrs. Sue Brown School Secretary

5 Mrs. Nancy Moga Principal

6 Mrs. Stacy Dudley Nurse

7 Miss Pat Pleasant School Librarian Miss P with the JK Class

8 Ms. Lynne Clarke Kindergarten Teacher

9 Mrs. Salena Jones Kindergarten Teacher

10 Mrs. Polly Smith Junior Kindergarten Teacher

11 Mrs. Ginger Lilly Kindergarten Assistant

12 Mrs. Linda Cartwright JK Teacher Assistant

13 Ms. Janie Ramsey Custodian

14 Ms. Nancy Turkewitz Counselor

15 Mrs. April Easton PE Teacher

16 Ms. Tammy Crane Music Teacher

17 Mrs. Libby Pazdera Title I Teacher

18 Mrs. Cindy Sites Title I Assistant

19 Mrs. Debbie Whiteside Prevention Specialist

20 Mr. David Wolfe Speech

21 A typical school day of a JK/Kindergarten Student at Callaghan Elementary

22 Getting off the bus.

23 Safety Patrol

24 Breakfast

25 Clean-up Trays

26 Backpacks and Folders

27 Walk on Right side of the hall

28 Calendar Time

29 Ms. Miller with Art Class

30 Ms. Crane Music Class Activity

31 Mrs. Judy Howard & Mrs. Virginia Smith Serving Food

32 Lunch Line & Student Number on Key Pad

33 Mrs. Beverly Hall Cafeteria Cashier

34 Packed Lunches

35 Rest/Nap Time

36 Social Studies

37 Reading Groups

38 Math Activities

39 Science

40 Playground activities

41 Listening Center

42 Math Center

43 Packing-Up

44 Getting on the Bus

45 Mr. Garth Cartwright Bus Driver

46 Sitting on the bus

47 The End

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