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Introduction to MIS1 Copyright © 1998-2002 by Jerry Post Introduction to MIS BUSI 100 Jerry Post.

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1 Introduction to MIS1 Copyright © 1998-2002 by Jerry Post Introduction to MIS BUSI 100 Jerry Post

2 Introduction to MIS2 Outline What is MIS? Why MIS is Important? What are e-commerce and e-business? What do Managers do? Business & Technology Trends Re-engineering: Altering the Rules Management and Decision Levels An Introduction to Strategy Cases: Fast Food Industry Appendix: Finding Information

3 Introduction to MIS3 What is MIS? Information Data that has been put into a meaningful and useful context. Management Information System A combination of computers and people that is used to provide information to aid in making decisions and managing a firm. Information Technology (IT)

4 Introduction to MIS4 Goal of This Class How can MIS help you do your job? Understand the technology. Analyze business problems. An introduction to systems analysis. Identify types of problems that MIS can help solve through cases. Ability to classify problems. Know when to call for help.

5 Introduction to MIS5 Why is MIS Important? MIS affects all areas of business Manufacturing Accounting & Finance Human resources Marketing Top management Performance evaluationsexpectations

6 Introduction to MIS6 What are e-Commerce and e-Business Business-to-Consumer (B2C) Selling retail products to consumers Business-to-Business (B2B) Selling at the wholesale level to other businesses E-Business Using Internet technologies to conduct any level of business E-Commerce Intranets Most areas of MIS

7 Introduction to MIS7 What do Managers do? Traditional Organizing Planning Control Mintzberg Interpersonal Informational Decisional Luthans Traditional50% Formal Communication30% Networking20%

8 Introduction to MIS8 Managers and professionals spend considerable time in meetings. Providing support for teamwork and group decisions is an important issues in MIS. Meetings

9 Introduction to MIS9 1 23 Making Decisions Methodology v Ad Hoc Decisions Decision Process Collect Data Identify Problems & Opportunities Make Choices

10 Introduction to MIS10 Importance of MIS Computerworld 1993* *1997-2000 data is distorted by Y2k work.

11 Introduction to MIS11 Everyone Uses Computers Computerworld 1993

12 Introduction to MIS12 Traditional Management CEO VP Finance VP Marketing VP Accounting VP HRM VP MIS Layers of middle managers Customers Commands Analyze data Condensed reports Collect data

13 Introduction to MIS13 Decentralization Management Team CEO Finance Team Marketing Team Accounting Team HRM Team Sales Team Franchise Strategy Methodology/Rules Customers Corporate Database & Network VP Fin VP Mrkt VP Acct VP HRM VP MIS

14 Introduction to MIS14 Business Trends Changing business environment Specialization Management by Methodology and Franchises Mergers Decentralization and Small Business Temporary Workers Internationalization Service-Oriented Business Re-engineering Need for faster responses and flexibility

15 Introduction to MIS15 Business Trends & Implications Specialization Increased demand for technical skills Specialized MIS tools Increased communication Methodology & Franchises Reduction of middle management Increased data sharing Increased analysis by top management Computer support for rules Re-engineering Mergers Larger companies Need for control and information Economies of scale Decentralization & Small Business Communication needs Lower cost of management tasks Low maintenance technology

16 Introduction to MIS16 Business Trends & Implications Temporary Workers Managing through rules Finding and evaluating workers Coordination and control Personal advancement through technology Security Internationalization Communication Product design System development and programming Sales and marketing Service Orientation Management jobs are information jobs Customer service requires better information Speed

17 Introduction to MIS17 Changing Business Environment US History:Farmer Laborer Management YearFarmMfgMgtService 192029%44%22%6% 19402338308 19609364312 19803325213 20003255914

18 Introduction to MIS18 US Employment Patterns

19 Introduction to MIS19 Internationalization

20 Introduction to MIS20 Business Trend Summary Business TrendImplications for Technology Specialization1.Increased demand for technical skills 2.Specialized MIS tools 3.Increased communication Methodology & Franchises1.Reduction of middle management 2.Increased data sharing 3.Increased analysis by top management 4.Computer support for rules 5.Re-engineering Mergers1.Four or five big firms dominate most industries 2.Need for communication 3.Strategic ties to customers and suppliers Decentralization & Small Business 1.Communication needs 2.Lower cost of management tasks 3.Low maintenance technology Temporary Workers1.Managing through rules 2.Finding and evaluating workers 3.Coordination and control 4.Personal advancement through technology 5.Security Internationalization1.Communication 2.Product design 3.System development and programming 4.Sales and marketing Service Orientation1.Management jobs are information jobs 2.Customer service requires better information 3.Speed

21 Introduction to MIS21 MIS Organization Business Operations Tactical Management Strategic Mgt. EIS ES DSS Transaction Process Control

22 Introduction to MIS22 Operations, Tactics,Strategy

23 Introduction to MIS23 Decision Levels Decision Level DescriptionExampleType of Information StrategicCompetitive advantage, become a market leader. Long-term outlook. New product that will change the industry. External events, rivals, sales, costs quality, trends. TacticalImproving operations without restructuring the company. New tools to cut costs or improve efficiency. Expenses, schedules, sales, models, forecasts. OperationsDay-to-day actions to keep the company functioning. Scheduling employees, ordering supplies. Transactions, accounting, human resource management, inventory.

24 Introduction to MIS24 Introduction to Strategy Risk & Reward Creativity Porters External Agents Customers Suppliers Competitors Government

25 Introduction to MIS25 Baxter/Strategy Supply storeroom Supply Closets Hospital Warehouse American Hospital Supply Supplier Typical Supply Relationship Supplier

26 Introduction to MIS26 Baxter/Strategy Supply Closets Hospital Warehouse American Hospital Supply Supplier Baxter Supplier AHS/Baxter Computer Link Computer Monitor Usage data Deliver Supplies as needed Accurate usage data Free space

27 Introduction to MIS27 Strategy/Porter Rivalry Among Existing Competitors Bargaining Power of Buyers Bargaining Power of Suppliers Threat of New Entrants Threat of Substitute Products or Services

28 Introduction to MIS28 Strategy/Organization Strength Source of strength Value of strength How can it be developed? What could undermine it? Development costs Additional benefits (opportunities) Weaknesses Effect on company Possible solutions Cost of solution Result and cost of leaving as-is (do nothing)

29 Introduction to MIS29 Cases: Fast Food Industry McDonalds uses a considerable amount of information technology to maintain consistency, monitor employees, and track sales.

30 Introduction to MIS30 Cases: McDonalds Rainforest Café Dave & Busters Dave and Busters What is the companys current status? What is the Internet strategy? How does the company use information technology? What are the prospects for the industry?

31 Introduction to MIS31 Appendix: Finding Information Organization Boolean searches You know what you are searching for. You have a vague idea about what you want.

32 Introduction to MIS32 Appendix: Boolean Searches Truth Table Colombia1,889,871 Medellin37,682 Medellin AND terrorism575 (terror OR bomb OR kidnap)1,920,549 (terrorism OR bombing OR kidnap)1,012,458 Medellin AND (terror OR bomb OR kidnap)1,563 Medellin AND (terror OR bomb OR kidnap) AND American AND (dead OR death)535

33 Introduction to MIS33 Appendix: Search Engines Full text Web searches Category Web searches People and businesses

34 Introduction to MIS34 Appendix: You Know What You Want ITT corporate merger with white knight. ITT81,801 ITT corporate merger908 ITT corporate merger white knight26 Details: Hilton attempted to buy ITT to gain control of their Sheraton Inns. Instead, ITT sold out to a white knight (Starwood Lodging) in 1997.

35 Introduction to MIS35 Appendix: You Start With a Vague Topic white knight47,000 white knight corporate5,060 white knight corporate NOT (history, Canada, India)2,820 white knight corporate merger NOT (history, Canada, India)699 white knight corporate merger NOT (history, Canada, India, Germany, foreign)463

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