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New Jersey Industry and Occupational Employment Projections 2006-2016.

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1 New Jersey Industry and Occupational Employment Projections 2006-2016

2 Annual Employment Change in New Jersey 1939-2008 Employment Change (000s)

3 Employment growth in New Jersey is projected to lag the nation Projected growth 06 – 16

4 Goods Producing industries will continue to decline in both state and nation Goods Producing Projected growth 06 – 16

5 All growth projected to occur in Service Providing industries Goods Producing Projected growth 06 – 16

6 Annual employment growth among Private sector

7 Projected employment change in New Jersey Goods Producing Employment growth 06 – 16

8 Projected employment change in United States Goods Producing Employment growth 06 – 16 (000s)

9 Projected growth in NJ and US by industry

10 Goods Producing Industries

11 Growth in Construction not enough to offset losses in Manufacturing Goods Producing ManufacturingConstruction

12 Construction industry had been a steady source of jobs for last 15 years…until the downturn Annual Percent Change

13 Selected industries make up the bulk of the decline, but losses are widespread -62,500 -6,700 -6,100 -5,200 -5,100 -5,000 Projected Employment Change 06 – 16 Manufacturing

14 Service Providing Industries

15 2006 employment and projected growth by industry super-sector Information and Utilities are projected to decline by a combined 10,000 jobs, or roughly 9%

16 More than 90% of growth is projected to occur within these three super-sectors

17 Healthcare and Education has been only stable and reliable source of new jobs

18 Healthcare will continue to produce the bulk of NJs employment growth

19 High-paying occupations are prominent in these industries Projected Employment Growth 06 – 16 Professional and Business Services 78,200 6,000 7,100 9,500 16,800

20 Occupational Highlights 6.0% Employment Growth, 2006-2016 132,100 Average Annual Job Openings Roughly 7 of every 10 of these openings due to Replacement demand

21 Only Professional, Service and Management, Business and Financial occupations will grow faster than average Major Occupational Group NJ avg.=6.0% 2006 Employment Projected Growth, 2006-2016

22 Professional and Service occupations will account for most new jobs by 2016 Trans./Material Moving Production Employment Growth 2006 - 2016

23 Most job opportunities are still result of replacement need rather than growth 7,460 4,000 4,600 3,450 12,540 16,320 20,890 30,140 31,520

24 Jobs with higher education and training requirements will grow faster than average Percent Growth, 2006 - 2016

25 Jobs requiring higher training and education often relate to higher wages $82,700 $85,400 $74,000 $58,000 $89,600 $70,900 Employment Growth 2006 - 2016 6 of the top 25 occupations adding the most employment growth require higher education and training

26 Among fastest growing occupations, healthcare jobs are prominent Percent Growth 2006 - 2016

27 Among high wage, non-management jobs, 9 of 10 grow faster than state average $84,100 $85,400 $89,100 $89,600 $90,600 $98,200 $102,500 $98,600 $120,100 $158,700 Percent Growth 2006 - 2016

28 Among top 10 jobs with most jobs lost, all have average wage less than the state Employment Decline 2006 - 2016 Fastest declining occupations list (%) still consists mostly of Production occupations


30 Northern Region BERGEN ESSEX HUDSON MORRIS PASSAIC UNION Generally, these counties have large employment but grow at a slower rate Combined, this region accounts for over 45% of all NJ employment… geographically less than 15% of NJ area Projected to have more than 58,000 annual average job openings, more than double any other region

31 Essex County Third largest county in total employment, despite small geographic size Most employment in Transportation and Warehousing sector among NJ counties with 30,650 in 2006 Air transportation industry, namely Newark Liberty International, projected to add more than 3,000 jobs, annual growth of almost 2%

32 Northwestern Region SUSSEX WARREN This two-county region is by far the smallest in the State in employment with 83,700 in 2006, accounting for only 2% of NJ employment despite accounting for over 10% of land area Projected employment gains in Healthcare and Social Assistance would account for nearly 40% of all growth in this region

33 Sussex County Half of total employment found within Healthcare, Trade, and Government sectors 6 th largest NJ county by area, but has 4 th least employment in 2006 2 nd fewest manufacturing jobs among NJ counties with only 2,100 in 2006…behind only Cape May

34 Central Region HUNTERDON MERCER MIDDLESEX SOMERSET In 2006, more than one in five jobs (21.9%) found in Central region, nearly 900,000 in employment Region projected to outpace growth of the state and add about 60,000 more jobs More than one-quarter of all employment in Government and Professional and Business services

35 Middlesex County With employment of 419,600 in 2006, Middlesex is the second largest county in the state in employment, and will also add the second most jobs with 25,350 Largest Manufacturing sector among NJ counties with employment of 42,800 in 2006, 30% of which is chemical More than 80,000 jobs in Professional and Business services, most of any county

36 Coastal Region MONMOUTH OCEAN ATLANTIC CAPE MAY Retail trade and Accommodation and food services make up over 30% of all employment in Coastal region More than 90% of all employment in Service-providing industries, highest ratio among regions Projected to be the fastest growing region, adding almost 48,000 jobs, or nearly 8%

37 Ocean County With total growth of 10.2%, Ocean is projected to be the fastest growing county in the state, adding 16,200 jobs Healthcare and Social Assistance will continue to be the largest industry in Ocean, adding nearly 9,000 jobs for annual growth of 2.6%, and accounting for more than half of all job growth in Ocean

38 Southern Region BURLINGTON CAMDEN CUMBERLAND GLOUCESTER SALEM Projected to add 43,550 jobs through 2016, an increase of 6.9% Healthcare and Social Assistance industry alone will add 18,700 new jobs, over 40% of all growth Trade, Transportation and Utilities supersector, nearly one-quarter of Southern region employment, is projected to add nearly 5,000 jobs by 2016

39 Camden County Largest county in Southern region, with employment of 220,800 in 2006, is projected to add 14,100 by 2016 Government, Healthcare and Social Assistance, and Retail Trade, Camdens three largest industries, account for 43% of total employment Healthcare and Social Assistance industry will add 7,700 new jobs, more than triple any other industry

40 Outlook Employment growth in NJ has slowed to a near halt since the turn of the century, averaging only 0.2% annual growth through 2008 Many occupations with above-average wages are projected to grow faster than the state average Automation and other technology is contributing to the reduction of lesser skilled occupations

41 Questions or Comments? Contact Jason Timian Call: 609-777-3635 On the Web at:

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