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International Education at The College of New Jersey.

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1 International Education at The College of New Jersey

2 Liberal Learning Emphasis The Liberal Learning curriculum at TCNJ emphasizes the belief that all students should engage in international learning experiences. This provides a curricular expectation to support international programs.

3 International Programs Undergraduate Global ProgramsUndergraduate Global Programs –Student Exchange Projects & Programs Exchange relationships TCNJ-led trips –Global Student Teaching Graduate Global ProgramsGraduate Global Programs –Masters Degree Programs S. Africa Mallorca Kuwait Bangkok Venezuela

4 Global Student Teaching American & International School sites –Site coordination –Cooperating teachers Pre-travel program Seven week student teaching –Supervision Follow-up program

5 Johannesburg American International School- Johannesburg 1 day-week teaching in local schools

6 Global Masters Degrees 4 Degree/certification programs –Elementary, Secondary, TESL –Ed Administration 4 sites –Mallorca, J-burg, Thailand, Kuwait Teachers in International Schools & DoD Schools

7 Johannesburg Masters Degree Cohort group Research Project cycle Action/Applied focus

8 Mallorca 25 th Anniversary TCNJ Students travel for courses

9 Program Direction Additional GST sites Review and strengthen Graduate Programs Extend opportunities to other academic areas

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