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AHS Course Selection 2014-2015 Mrs. Statham- AHS 9 th Grade School Counselor.

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1 AHS Course Selection 2014-2015 Mrs. Statham- AHS 9 th Grade School Counselor

2 The Scheduling Process Today- receive Course Selection Sheet to take home and review with parents Course catalogs will be distributed when available. The 2013-2014 catalog is on our website HS Counselors return to review course selections with students individually: – Meredith MS- March 4 th – Waters MS- March 5 th – Redding MS- March 6th

3 The Scheduling Process March 7th- Parents and students will begin to view their child’s course selections in the Home Access Center Week of March 10 th - Students will receive a copy of their course request (this is not a schedule) Students will have until Friday, March 21st to make changes to their course request- No changes will be made after this date!

4 Students attending a different school If you know you will not be attending AHS next year, we still need you to complete a course request form. We will keep your course request form until we receive notification from the new school you will be attending.

5 Graduation Requirements CourseUnits of Credit English4 Social Studies4 Mathematics4 Science3 World Languages2 Career Pathway3 Electives3.5 Physical Education1 Health0.5 Senior Project0.5 Student Success Plan0.5

6 Promotion/Retention Requirements In order to be promoted to 10 th grade: – Students must take a full schedule in 9 th grade (8 credits) – Students must earn 5 credits: 4 of which must be English, math, science and social studies – Students who do not meet these criteria will be scheduled into appropriate courses the next year/semester

7 World Languages American Sign Language Chinese French Japanese Spanish

8 Career Pathway A planned program of sequenced or specialized courses designed to develop knowledge and skills in a particular career area 3 credits in a Career Pathway are required for graduation The Career Pathway is not a life- long career choice and may not necessarily be something a student would like to pursue following graduation from high school

9 The Career Pathways Academic – Humanities – Math/Science Technology Allied Health (starts in 10 th grade) AgriScience – Animal Science – Natural Resources & Environmental Science – Plant & Horticultural Science Business, Finance & Marketing Education – Accounting – Banking Services – Marketing Management Computer Science Family & Consumer Science – Early Childhood Education – Clothing & Textiles – Nutrition & Culinary Arts

10 The Career Pathways JDG- Jobs for Delaware Graduates JROTC- Military Science Performing Arts – Instrumental Music – Theatre Arts – Vocal Music Technology Education – Drafting & Design – Graphic Design & Production Visual Arts – Ceramics & Sculpture – Drawing & Painting – Photography (starts in 10 th grade)

11 Block Scheduling Students will have four 90-minute periods per semester. Each period is a “block” All courses except Integrated Math I (yearlong), Chorus, Orchestra, and Band will be offered in a 90 minute block period for one semester Chorus, Orchestra, and Band will be offered all year, every other day Students enrolled in Chorus, Orchestra or Band must take Health & Physical Education

12 Course Level Offerings College Preparatory Courses (CP) – 9 th - 12 th grade Honors Courses – 9 th – 12 th grade Advanced Placement (AP) – 10 th – 12 th grade – Students interested in taking an AP course in 10 th grade need to inform the counselor during his/her scheduling meeting

13 Math Sequencing Students in 8 th grade math will take Integrated Math I in 9 th grade. Students in Advanced Math (Integrated Math I) in 8 th grade will take Integrated Math II (CP or Honors) in 9 th grade. Students can “double up” on math courses (Int. Math II Honors & Int. Math III Honors) in 9 th grade, but you are required to take a math course all 4 years of high school. Integrated Math I (1 semester) is an accelerated course for students earning 85% or higher in 8 th grade math & a 3 or higher on DCAS. Final placement in this course will be determined at the end of the school year.

14 Sample Schedule- Integrated Math I (Career Pathway- Culinary Arts) First Semester MP1 & MP2 Second Semester MP3 & MP4 Integrated Math I (yearlong) Earth/Physical Sci. CPUS History CP English 9 HonorsHealth/Physical Ed. Food Prep & ProductionSpanish I

15 Course Selection Choose your courses wisely Talk to your current teachers – What level do they recommend for you? Talk to your parents/guardians – What do they recommend and support? Talk to your counselors – What do they advise for you? Remember: course request changes will not be made after March 21st

16 Course Selections- # of Courses to Circle If you select Integrated Math I (yearlong)- You will circle 7 courses: – Integrated Math I – English 9 (CP or Honors) – US History (CP or Honors) – Physical/Earth Science (CP or Honors) – Health/PE – World Language – 1 Career Pathway/Elective If you select Integrated Math I (1 semester) OR Integrated Math II- You will circle 8 courses: – Int. Math I or Math II (CP or Honors) – English 9 (CP or Honors) – US History (CP or Honors) – Physical/Earth Science(CP or Honors) – Health/PE – World Language – 2 Career Pathway/Electives

17 Course Verifications Course requests will be available to view in the Home Access Center. You will also receive a copy of your course requests the week of March 10 th. COURSE REQUEST CHANGES MUST BE SUBMITTED BY March 21 st - NO CHANGES WILL BE MADE AFTER THIS DATE- After this date, you will need to wait until you receive your final schedule to make changes!

18 Questions Course Selection Questions?

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