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CareOne Harmony Village at Moorestown Combining Innovation and Compassion To Enhance The Lives of People Living with Alzheimers.

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1 CareOne Harmony Village at Moorestown Combining Innovation and Compassion To Enhance The Lives of People Living with Alzheimers

2 CareOne Values Challenges are opportunities Attitudes are always positive Respect and dignity for everyone Excellence in care and everything we do Our hearts and hands are always open Nurturing our residents and each other is essential Everyone works together…One Caring Family

3 About CareOne NJ based Family owned and operated Over 4,000 employees in NJ Caring for over 3,500 residents daily 40 years experience as a senior care operator Continuum of Care – Post Acute Care, Assisted Living, Assisted Living for Memory Impaired, Long Term Living, Home Health Care, Hospice Care

4 CareOne at Harmony Village Freestanding assisted living community dedicated solely to people living with Alzheimers and related Dementia Capacity for 64 Residents Opened Summer of 2008 First freestanding Alzheimers community in the CareOne family of care centers

5 Innovation in Design CareOne designed Harmony Village with Margaret Calkins, PhD – an national expert in the design of living environments for people living with Alzheimers Private apartment accommodations with full bathrooms Visual features and cues such as specially designed lighting to minimize shadows and provide tranquility

6 Innovation in Design (Cont.) Deliberate use of calm colors throughout the community and a peaceful aesthetic Living quarters designed as 4 neighborhoods designed for levels of care Each neighborhood has a distinct living room, dining room, den and full service kitchen Secured living quarters to prevent access to unsecured areas

7 Innovation in Design (cont.) Free access to outdoor courtyards designed by Jack Carman, an expert in senior living landscape architecture A grand community area featuring a fireplace and courtyard for family visits Artwork provide tactile stimuli and soothing images throughout the community Focus of design is simplicity to minimize confusion




11 The CareOne Harmony Village Program Shared Responsibility – our philosophy is the entire team…food service, caregivers, activities, nursing are responsible for our residents safety, well being, and quality of life Neighborhoods are designated by cognitive status of residents Residents can transition to the appropriate neighborhood as their status changes

12 The CareOne Harmony Village Program (Cont.) Weekly We Care care and service plan reviews with the entire team The Harmony Village team is empowered to make decisions with their co-workers at a level closest to the Residents needs

13 Specialized Training Harmony Village caregivers not only receive state required training… Training is ongoing weekly Our partners in training include paid dementia consultants, our Program Director, The Alzheimers Association, and Neurologists from the community who share our philosophy CareOne Silverchair training resources

14 Specialized Training (Cont.) Behavior Management/Intervention Effective Communication Techniques Stages of Alzheimers Activities and Programs for People Living with Alzheimers Non Pharmacological Interventions to Resident Management

15 A Partner in Excellence… Hearthstone The Hearthstone Way Cognitive Strengthening Program – individual memory exercises, community involvement and group activities Life Quality Program – failure free activities designed to encourage active involvement while reinforcing well being Enhanced Life Program – offers personal and spiritual support for results and their families

16 Activities To Promote a Sense of Purpose Horticulture Therapy Art Therapy Music Therapy Wellness and Senior Safe Exercise Entertainment Participation in Group Activities Small Group Activities

17 Together…We Accomplish More Families are integrated in each Residents care and service plan Weekly communication to families on the health and social status of their loved ones Open visiting hours Monthly family support groups Families encouraged to participate in individual and group activities

18 The Harmony Village Holistic Approach To Alzheimers Care Hearthstone Training and Programs Non-Pharmacological interventions are valued Exercise Nutrition The Arts Activities designed to promote success

19 Our Success is Defined by The Improvement in Quality of Life of our Residents Case Study

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