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EVVRS Electronic Violence and Vandalism Reporting System 2005 / 2006.

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2 EVVRS Electronic Violence and Vandalism Reporting System 2005 / 2006

3 Key Dates October 26, 2005: System opened April 5, 2006: Annual Commissioners Report to the Legislature on Violence and Vandalism Report June 2: Annual District Report emailed June 30: End of Reporting Year July 19:Verification of Data Deadline July 27:System closes; reopens in Fall

4 The Two Branches of EVVRS VV-SA: Violence, Vandalism, Weapons and Substance Abuse OR Other – Spec. Ed. For Suspensions for Reasons Other than Violence Vandalism or Substance Abuse (involving only students with disabilities as offenders).

5 Support Help Icon Supporting documents on Welcome page at – EVVRS Manual –Frequently Asked Questions –Incident Definitions and Scenarios

6 Web User Administrator Each user should have an account. See your Web User Administrator (WUA) to establish an EVVRS account. Have WU55A delete staff who no longer use the EVVRS.

7 Data Integrity Use the EVVRS Reporting Form Accurate Reporting – Pick the right category! Complete Reporting. Include: – an incident description whenever possible –offender and victim information. Retain incident records for five years. Retain incident records for five years.

8 Local Issues Be sure to hold an in-service at the beginning of the school year. Review the reporting form, incident definitions and scenarios. Keep up with data entry. File copies of incident reports by school. File Annual District Report.

9 Security Encrypted data entry Firewall prevents unauthorized access

10 System Requirements Computer with Internet Access Web Browser Software –Internet Explorer 5.0 + –Netscape 4.7 + Adobe Acrobat Reader Microsoft Word Microsoft PowerPoint

11 Accessing the EVVRS

12 Dont Panic! You May Receive a Prompt Warning: You Are About to View Pages Over a Secure Connection Click "OK" or "Yes" to continue

13 Try Again! Server performance has continually improved!

14 HELP! The HELP Icon FAQ EVVRS User Manual PowerPoint Presentation (for private schools for disabled) (for private schools for disabled)

15 Your Promptness Is Appreciated! After 30 minutes, session will be terminated

16 Accessing the EVVRS http:// hhhh oooo mmmm eeee rrrr oooo oooo mmmm.... ssss tttt aaaa tttt eeee.... nnnn jjjj.... uuuu ssss Note: Do not use www http:// hhhh oooo mmmm eeee rrrr oooo oooo mmmm.... ssss tttt aaaa tttt eeee.... nnnn jjjj.... uuuu ssss

17 What was Changed in 2004 ? New Violence Categories: New Substance Abuse Categories:

18 For substance abuse: If student refuses a medical exam and you do not select a substance type

19 Also changed in 2004 New Victim Information:

20 Changed in 2005 IEP Services Received, on the Offender Information page, was removed. If a student with a disability receives an in- school suspension – for whatever reason, the incident and suspension should be entered onto the system. Multiple Actions Taken for a student offender may be entered

21 Dont Forget Victim Information

22 Do we enter incidents that occur during the summer ? Report incidents of vandalism occurring in the summer when the EVVRS opens in the fall

23 Should incidents of vandalism by unknown persons be reported? Yes ! Enter the amount, and click on Offender Unknown

24 IF a student is classified Special Ed In the middle of the year, Should I use their same Student ID? NO ! Assign a new Student ID!

25 What do I do if a regular student is mistakenly cited for insubordination as a Special Ed student? This case DOES NOT belong in the EVVRS System You cannot delete the case yourself ! Send an email to NJDOE – They will delete it !

26 What if the medical exam conducted to confirm suspicion of drug use comes back negative? If student refuses a medical examination for suspicion of use: Enter REFUSED in Comments area Refusing the exam is considered admission to the offense! Choose: Suspected Use Confirmed and Omit Substance Type Choose: Suspected Use Not Confirmed

27 For More Situations … Check out the FAQ Document Check out the EVVRS Scenarios Also …

28 Entering Incident Information Dont press the Enter Key! Tab or Click into each Field Enter data via: –Drop down arrows (or ALT+ ) –Down arrow key –Type

29 One Incident can have Many Offenders and/or Many Victims Dont Forget! Write the Incident # on your paper forms!

30 If Multiple Disciplinary Actions: Add an offender record, with the same student ID # as entered on the original offender record, for any subsequent disciplinary actions.

31 After each screen: Please be Patient! Dont Click CONTINUE Again!

32 If Incident Data Fails an edit, School Name is reset to Default Value ……. Change It Back !! Note: Warning Message!

33 If Offender Data Fails an edit, Offender Type is reset to Default Value ……. Change It Back !! Note: Warning Message!

34 To Print a Form CTRL + P To Print any Screen On PC: Print Screen Key Then Paste into Word On Macintosh: COM + SHIFT + 4 Highlight Area …. Save as.jpg

35 To add, change, or view data

36 Searching for Records Always identify the school first! Duplicate Incident Numbers ? These are most likely not duplicates, as there is one listing of an incident for each offender/victim.

37 Click on Incident Number to: Add an offender Add a victim Change Incident Information

38 Click on Offender Type to: Change an action Delete an offender

39 Click on Victim Type to: To Delete a Victim

40 Click on Student ID to: Change Student Information –Name –Gender –Race –Student Disability Category

41 Can I change Student ID? Can I change Offender Type? Must delete offender record and then re-enter NO!

42 Can I delete an Incident? Re-enter new correct Incident Then Email EVVRS to delete the incorrect Incident NO!

43 Reports Order via Main Menu Arrive via email the next day Printing Reports Layout = Landscape Font = Courier 10

44 Annual District Report On June 9, the EVVRS issues the Annual District Report The fax-back verification form must be returned by July 19 Individual schools do not receive final annual reports. However, they may request any of the school reports from the system at any time.

45 Public School Safety Law Annually, at a public hearing in October, the superintendent of schools shall report to the board of education all acts of violence and vandalism … Recommended Documents for the Public Hearing: Annual District Report Incident Listing Summary Count of Incident Detail

46 User Information NamePhone Email address Password To establish a new user: Request your District Web Administrator to create a new account. Then, Delete the old user. Can make changes to:

47 EVVRS Dont Forget To Report It !!! Enter Data Early … Avoid the June / July Rush !!!

48 We Hope You Enjoyed The Presentation Drive Carefully!

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