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Writing the Cambridge Climate Protection Plan MCAN Climate Training Day May 3, 2003 Tufts University.

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1 Writing the Cambridge Climate Protection Plan MCAN Climate Training Day May 3, 2003 Tufts University

2 CAMBRIDGE CLIMATE PROTECTION PLAN STEPS Appoint advisory committee Understand how the system works now Inventory existing actions Inventory available resources Develop actions Develop a feasible strategy Think about how the plan will be implemented

3 CLIMATE PROTECTION TASK FORCE 19 members drawn from institutions, business, NGOs, technical experts, and interested citizens Guiding principles Established committees on energy, land use, & outreach Set up website/listserve

4 UNDERSTAND HOW THE SYSTEM WORKS NOW Described existing energy, transportation, land use, and waste management systems and how they relate to the production of greenhouse gases Example: Energy o Electricity provided over regional grid o Natural gas delivered over national pipeline system o Fuel oil delivered by independent distributors o Distributed steam system o Potential of renewable energy o Emission co-efficients o Trends in demand and supply o Sidebars on energy efficiency

5 INVENTORY EXISTING ACTIONS Compiled lists of actions implemented since 1990 (target year) that reduce greenhouse gas emissions in the community and the City Demonstrates that action is feasible and not necessarily daunting

6 INVENTORY AVAILABLE RESOURCES Example: Transportation City PTDM and VTR ordinances Bicycle & pedestrian committees Zoning Public transit system Private shuttle system Federal & state funding programs (e.g., TEA-21) Clean Cities State contracts for vehicle acquisition Federal tax incentives

7 DEVELOP ACTIONS Dont Reinvent the Wheel (or steal from your peers) o Burlington, VT; Portland, OR; Fort Collins, CO o Example: Green or Eco-teams Adapt actions and recommendations from other plans o State Solid Waste Master Plan o Toward a Sustainable Future Solicit ideas from stakeholders and the public Divide actions into short, medium, and long-term

8 DEVELOP A FEASIBLE STRATEGY Projected 2010 total GHG emissions1,837,400 tons CO 2 (assumes 20% cleaner electric fuel mix) 12.5% electricity efficiency improvement 107,000 tons CO 2 10% reduction in natural gas use 49,000 tons CO 2 10% reduction in fuel oil use 2,000 tons CO 2 Purchase 20% of electricity from green power 193,000 tons CO 2 Increase average fuel economy to 40 MPG 103,000 tons CO 2 Reduce vehicle miles traveled by 10% 12,000 tons CO 2 Reduce solid waste 28,000 tons CO 2 TOTAL GHG REDUCTION IN 2010 494,000 tons CO 2 PROJECTED 2010 TOTAL GHG 1,343,400 tons CO 2 WITH REDUCTIONS 1990 Total GHG emissions 1,682,500 tons CO 2 Percentage GHG reduction 20%

9 THINK ABOUT IMPLEMENTATION Use City leadership to catalyze community action Develop a city-wide campaign Build on existing efforts Engage the schools Network with other communities and organizations Monitor progress and report the results Establish a committee or other entity to coordinate action

10 FINAL THOUGHTS Just having a plan is valuable o Legitimacy o Conversation piece o Reference o Institutional memory Community buy-in is a long process People intuitively understand

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