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How Plants are Named.

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1 How Plants are Named

2 Binomial Nomenclature
Linnaeus Developed binomial system for naming plants

3 Linnaeus Swedish Botonist
Gave all plants 2 Latin names as their specific name

4 Binomial Nomenclature
First name – Genus, the plants group name Second name – species, means kind

5 Species Are divided into varieties

6 Genus Always capitalized Species is not capitalized
Both names are underlined

7 Example Zea maize Corn

8 Why Scientific Names Many plants have more than one common name
Universally understood

9 Example: Sanseveria trifasciata
Common names Mother in laws tongue, Snake plant

10 Plant Families Related genus with similar flower structures
Rosacea – rose family Malus – apple family

11 Taxonomist Scientists who identify and classify plants
International rules International code of Binomial Nomenclature

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