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Exploring the Horticulture Field

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1 Exploring the Horticulture Field

2 Defining: Latin - “Hortus” meaning garden
“Culture” meaning cultivation

3 Today, Hort includes: cultivation processing
sale of fruits, nuts, veggies, ornamental plants and flowers.

4 As an industry horticulture contributes over $25 billion to the U.S. economy

5 Major divisions of hort industry
Pomology - The science and practice of growing, harvesting, handling, storing, processing, and marketing tree fruits

6 Olericulture Vegetables

7 Floriculture Flowering plants

8 Ornamental and Landscape
using grasses, annuals, shrubs, and trees in the landscape

9 Additional specialized areas
seed production

10 Related Occupations those areas that provide products and services necessary in the production of hort. Crops. Ex: fertilizer, pesticides, containers, machinery,

11 Related Occupations research and education

12 Selecting a Job in a career, do you desire a job that involves:
year round work regular hours a variety of tasks

13 Selecting a Job working in one place security of fringe benefits
working alone working with others

14 Selecting a Job educational requirements guarantee of promotion

15 Other factors will the job be challenging
what types of duties does the job involve what skills does the job involve are there jobs available

16 The future of the hort industry
currently in a state of rapid growth people are becoming more concerned about their surroundings, world resources,

17 Cont. conservation, and controlling pollution

18 In the future: more plants will be used to: beautify surroundings
conserve soil and control pollutants Protect and feed wildlife

19 More families will plant gardens as food costs increase

20 The future looks exceptionally good for those involved in working with plants and providing goods and services related to horticulture

21 Production of hort crops
population increases and people have more leisure time, more gardening of all types will be done

22 Production of hort crops
demand for fruits, veggies, ornamentals and landscaping plants will increase

23 Production of hort crops
Increase in demand for veggie plants = substantial increase in production business

24 Service Industries increased need for fertilizers, pesticides, seeds, chemicals, tools and equipment

25 Marketing more people are employed in marketing than production
if marketing increases all other areas will as well

26 Inspection government, private processing
determine disease and insect problems and peak crop quality

27 Teaching and Extension Work
more students need training, requiring more teachers quickly changing technology requires specialists and professionals

28 Research to increase production, researchers must:
develop better varieties improve insect and disease resistance

29 Develop better ways to:
grow harvest preserve package storing and marketing

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