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Triangular Arrangement

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1 Triangular Arrangement

2 Triangular Arrangement
among the most basic floral designs used today very versatile formal, informal or contemporary

3 Triangular Arrangement
May be symmetrical or asymmetrical in form symmetrical triangles occur when there is equal distribution of materials on both sides of an imaginary center axis

4 Triangular Arrangement
Asymmetrical triangles occur when there is equal visual weight on both sides of the center axis the two sides do not look alike.

5 Triangular Arrangement
Triangular designs have one focal area from which all stems appear to radiate brighter colors used at the focal area


7 Triangular Arrangement
Flowers should be spaced closer as they near the focal point stems should never cross

8 Triangular Arrangement
focal point almost always rests on the rim of the container.

9 Triangular Arrangement
equilateral triangle Requires that all three sides be equal length isosceles triangle is a variation of the equilateral triangle

10 Triangular Arrangement
Two sides are equal in length while the third side is shorter the height is greater than that of an equilateral the width is smaller than that of an equilateral

11 Triangular Arrangement
Centerpiece designs low, horizontal design that makes an excellent table centerpiece

12 Triangular Arrangement
can be viewed from any direction without blocking the view of a seated dinner guest

13 Triangular Arrangement
Long and narrow shape of the design can be altered to match the width of the dining table. Constructed in the same manner as a triangular arrangement but is finished on both sides


15 Triangular Arrangement
Asymmetrical Triangle more relaxed and visually pleasing designs visually balanced but differ on each side of a vertical axis

16 Triangular Arrangement
Vertical axis is not centered but usually offset to the left of center

17 Triangular Arrangement
Scalene Triangle variation of asymmetrical triangle composed of three unequal sides

18 Scalene #1 flower is slanted to the left instead of vertical
#1 flower establishes height of the design

19 Scalene Triangle this flower is placed to the left of center on a diagonal and slants slightly backward

20 Scalene Triangle number 2 flower is on the left and may be placed at an angle or horizontal with the table this flower is often placed at a forward angle also

21 Scalene Triangle Number three flower may be angled or placed on the horizontal depending upon the height of the container being used

22 Right Triangle is a one sided mass design that resembles half of an equilateral or isosceles triangle vertical and horizontal lines of the arrangement meet at a 90 degree angle

23 Right Triangle may face either left or right
may often be used in pairs on a mantle or buffet

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