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Boutonnieres and Corsages Flowers are worn by both men and women on special occasions.

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2 Boutonnieres and Corsages

3 Flowers are worn by both men and women on special occasions

4 Corsages flowers worn by women cluster of flowers and foliage and accessories that accents a womans dress and adds to the theme of the celebration

5 Boutonniere flowers worn by men pinned to the lapel usually a single flower with foliage

6 Boutonnieres recent trend toward using multiple flowers two or three stephanotis blooms with foliage mini carnation with a sweetheart rose

7 add a touch of color to the mans clothing usually coordinates with the theme of the occasion

8 Boutonnieres for a wedding of formal dance, the mans flowers should compliment those worn or carried by the woman

9 Selecting flowers chose flowers that have been properly conditioned hold up well out of water

10 Most popular carnations roses stephanotis pompon chrysanthemum lilies of the valley alstromeria lilies

11 Principles of design apply to corsages as well as to arrangements

12 Corsages usually worn on the womans left shoulder may also be made to wear on the wrist, in the hair or on a purse

13 Corsages band aids may also be glued to the bottom of the corsage and taped to the shoulder

14 Colors and flowers used dictated by the personal preference of the wearer

15 Things to consider formality of the occasion size of the wearer color and style of the clothing to be worn

16 Important find out the occasion and the preferences of the customer smaller women look best with a smaller corsage larger women can wear a larger corsage

17 Color the dominant color of the flowers should compliment the clothing if clothing color is not known - white is considered appropriate for all occasions.

18 Corsages should be designed to be light and easy to wear removing stems from the flowers helps to keep them light

19 Flowers should have space between them so that each can be seem separately good workmanship and good flowers are essential

20 Wires all wires should be covered and the corsage should not come apart or be misshapen

21 Net Tufts Small pieces of net gathered in the middle with a wire and artificial leaves comes in bolts 6 inches and 25 yards long

22 Available in a variety of colors to compliment the color of the flowers or the clothing of the wearer.

23 Football mum corsages In some areas of the U.S. mum corsages are popular at college and high school football games. Especially popular for homecoming games dances may be simple in design or quite elaborate

24 In Texas and Oklahoma large extravagant designs are popular. They include an abundance of streamers, braided ribbons and accessories. Using floral adhesive and hot glue

25 Corsages Alternative to wiring and taping Floral adhesive is a rubber cement developed for use on fresh flowers Floral adhesive may be used in corsages of very light and delicate flowers

26 May also be used to add greenery, flowers and accessories to a wired corsage. Hot glue may be used to construct a corsage

27 Hot Glue Available in several forms, including pan-melt glue, glue chips, hot melt sticks and low temperature sticks. Glue may be melted in a electric frying pan, glue pot or glue gun.

28 Hot glue melts at a temperature of 275 F., low temperature sticks melt at a much lower temperature reducing the possibility of injuries.

29 Low temperature glues are less likely to cause damage to delicate flowers, do not have the holding power of hot glue.

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