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Differentiated Assessment By: DI Team – School District of Bonduel.

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1 Differentiated Assessment By: DI Team – School District of Bonduel

2 Before you Assess... Know your students Know your learning goals What do I want my students to... (KUDo's) K now Understand Do

3 KUDo for Geometry KNOW: –Definition of : line, line segment, angle, triangle, quadrilateral UNDERSTAND: –Geometric shapes have specific properties DO: –Construct geometric shapes and identify their properties

4 Fluff work is work that serves no purpose! All tasks need the learning targets in mind. Busy work is naughty! FLUFF WORK

5 What is the purpose of Assessment? Provide feedback Sort Students Document Progress Motivate Guide instructional decisions – what to re-teach or review. Punish

6 Differentiated Assessment Review Pre-Assessment –What do they know? Formative Assessment –How are we going to get to mastery? What do we still need to work on? Happens during instruction + lead instructional change. Summative Assessment –Have we reached mastery?

7 Pre-Assessment Why is it important? How can we do it and what should we do with it?

8 Formative Assessments Examples: –Quizzes (traditional) –Discussion –Q + A –Graphic Organizers –Worksheets –Writing Prompts –????? Any more? Drive instructional decisions –What happens if everyone fails a quiz? –What should we do as a teacher when students dont know the answer to an important question?

9 Summative Assessment Assesses only mastery and performance toward an already established content or skill standard. Wormeli says that this should be the only graded work in a class. Examples – Portfolios, End of Unit Exams (standards aligned), Projects, etc.

10 Raising the Bar Make sure to know what you expect and communicate them effectively and often. Assess only on expectations (not lateness or neatness or behavior) Utilize more critical thinking. Instead of asking to explain, ask to defend. Instead of asking to describe, ask to compare. Concentrate less on facts and more on concepts, etc.

11 Now, if you have any questions please write them on a sticky note and put them in the parking lot. We will look at those questions a bit later. BREAK TIME!

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