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Southern Illinois Healthcare Separate to System Nursing Education Department.

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1 Southern Illinois Healthcare Separate to System Nursing Education Department

2 2 Healthcare GDP




6 6 SIH Hospitals - A critical component to the system of accessing care for southern Illinoisans. Inpatient Admissions 16,598 Emergency Department Visits 61,027 Outpatient Registrations275,001 Total Patient Encounters352,625 FY11 Patient Encounters

7 7 SIH Health Care Assistance Program, Uncompensated Care, Subsidized Services, and Bad Debt (FY11) HAP (Charity Care)$ 12,869,594 Uncompensated Medicaid and Medicare $ 71,832,067 Subsidized Health Services$ 934,293 Bad Debt$ 7,279,853 Total$ 92,915,807

8 Total Employed Workforce By DivisionNumber of employees Change from 2011 MHC1134-6 Herrin801+12 System Office440 St. Joseph272+5 SIMS388+122 3035 Employees- 2518 FTEs 2011 = 2903 Employees / 2395 FTEs

9 Total Employed Workforce By StatusNumber of employees Change from 2010 Full time2463+121 Part time255+14 Per diem317-3

10 Workforce by Gender

11 Workforce by Age Average Age = 41.94 years

12 Workforce by Race

13 NumberJob Category 680RN 600Clerical Support (Ward Clerk, Transcription, Pt Financial Service Rep, Secretary, etc.) 500Technicians/Technologists (Imaging, Lab, LPN, PTA, Pharmacy, etc.) 390Service (CNA, Sitters, Environmental Services, Food & Nutrition) 260Management & Supervisory (includes House Supervisor, Fulltime Charge Nurse) 170Other direct care professionals (PT, Pharmacist, Respiratory Therapist, Dietitian) 140Physicians and Midlevel practitioners (includes FP Residents & Fellows) 130Semi-skilled (Phlebotomist, Transporter, Courier) 120Other non-direct care professionals (Accountant, Marketing Rep, IT, etc.) 50Maintenance Workforce by Job Category

14 Average Tenure DivisionAverage Years of Service SIH7.78 SIMS5.35 HRN7.09 MHC7.75 SJMH9.80 System Office10.05


16 Purpose – System Nursing Education Dept. Integrate independent nursing education functions at three separate facilities into a single system department Influence the quality and consistency of educational content more cost effectively Integrate use of learning equipment and reduce cost of redundancy Attract and retain talent for the workforce

17 Jobs Created - System Nursing Education Dept. Total 13 new positions –Director Masters Degree Management Background –Education Coordinators (5) Bachelors Degree and certification in staff development –Clinical Educators (6) Bachelors Degree and certification in clinical specialty –Office Coordinator Associate Preferred Filled with Bachelors of Science in Workforce Education and Development

18 Objectives- System Nursing Education Dept. Select location to accommodate workforce education and training –SIH and JALC partnership –Approximately 1,000 nursing employees Standardize nursing orientation Implement residency program for nursing graduates Develop nursing education programs focused on quality outcomes Develop Simulation Center –Partially funded by USDA and DRA grants –Making it Real –Patient Rooms built in learning center –Integrate state of the art life size computerized mannequins –Simulate learning exercises Recruit and retain nursing talent through empowerment in education Model and influence professional certifications and pursuit of advanced degrees

19 Progress - System Nursing Education Dept. Twelve of 13 new positions filled Anticipated completion of Learning Center at JALC January, 2013 Systemization of nursing orientation complete Nurse Residency program to launch August 2012 Nursing education and competency systems undergoing restructuring


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