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Welcome to Technology Integration Mentor Training.

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1 Welcome to Technology Integration Mentor Training

2 Interview Introduction Game Where are you from? What do you teach or do in your District? What experience do you have? What project or lesson do you have in mind for incorporating this technology?

3 NET Connections + Project Director: Joelle Fisher Project Assistant: Lynda Zeitler

4 What is NET Connections + ? NET Connections + is a consortium of 28 school districts, 23 public libraries, and three distance learning networks (NDEN, ERVING, & TRITON), located in the CESA 8 & 9 regions of Northeastern Wisconsin. This consortium grew from a TEACH Wisconsin Educational Technology Training and Technical Assistance Grant. NET Connections + signifies the enhancement of a previously successful project called NET Connections. NET Connections established a reputation for providing quality professional development that will serve as a foundation for the activities planned for the next round of grant activities.

5 Background on NET Connections Goals were: To improve student performance and achievement by using a variety of integrated educational technologies, aligning curriculum with Wisconsin Model Academic Standards, modeling and collaborating on the effective use of technology.Wisconsin Model Academic Standards To increase public library patron comfort level and frequency of use of technology and information resources by providing opportunities for library staff to learn effective techniques to assist patrons to more efficiently access these resources. To use professional growth opportunities to increase the availability of and access to technical expertise and "just-in-time" technical support. To enhance existing and explore the building of new partnerships with public libraries, post-secondary institutions, businesses, and community members by identifying those that currently exist within the consortium, disseminating the findings, and promoting the adaptation of promising partnerships in new locations.

6 NET Connections + TEACH Grant This grant provides funding for phase two of the Governors initiative to improve student achievement through effective use of instructional technology for public school students, and to implement staff development for public school and public library staff. This grant serves as a model to inspire teachers to integrate technology into their classrooms as a motivator for learning for students and ultimately benefiting the community.

7 Benchmarks Include: 1.Student performance and achievement through the use of educational technologies. 2.Library patron access and use of educational technologies &/or information resources. 3.Teachers abilities to integrate educational technologies into the curriculum. 4.Library staff abilities to assist library patrons in access to and use of educational technologies &/or information resources. 5.Technical support for teachers and library staff. 6.Partnerships with public libraries, post-secondary institutions, and local businesses.

8 Consortium Members School Districts Library Systems Beecher-Dunbar-Pembine Bonduel Bowler Phelps Rosholt Shawano-Gresham Florence County Library Coleman-Pound Branch Library Gillett Public Library Lakes Country Public Library Lena Public Library Clintonville Coleman Suring Tigerton Crivitz Area Branch Library Goodman-Dunbar Branch Oconto Falls Community Library Crandon Crivitz Wabeno Wausaukee Library Niagara Branch Public Suring Area Public Library Birnamwood Branch Library Elcho Florence White Lake Wittenberg-Birnamwood Library Peshtigo Branch Public Bonduel Branch Library Mattoon-Hutchins Community Gillett Laona Library Stephenson Public Library Library Shawano City/County Library Lena Marinette Wausaukee Branch Public Library Tigerton Branch Library Wittenberg Branch Library Marion Menominee Indian Menominee Tribal/County Library Niagara Oconto Long Distance Networks NDEN Menominee Library South Branch Oconto Falls Peshtigo ERVING TRITON Farnsworth Public Library

9 Management Team Members 1. Mark Merrifield, Chair, Director of the Nicolet Federated Library System 2. Ginny Metzdorf, NDEN DirectorNDEN 3. Susan Barry, ERVING DirectorERVING 4. Kaye Lietz, Vice Chair, TRITON DirectorTRITON 5. Dave Thomas,Director of Media & Technology,represents Marinette & Shawano-Gresham School Districts 6. Gary Kopitzke, Gillett District Administrator/CESA 8 Professional Advisory Council (PAC) 7. Robert Kellogg, CESA 8 Administrator

10 What are TIMs? The Management Team decided that our model teachers would be called Technology Integration Mentors (TIMs). Throughout the timeframe of the grant, TIMs will be selected based on self-nomination, peer nominations, building administrator nominations, current LoTi Level, and willingness to participate. The Management Team worked to assure nomination forms had been developed and were distributed to the districts for the first team of TIMs. Furthermore, the Model Demonstration classroom plan and the your role will be actively publicized throughout the next several months.

11 Expectations In the spring of 2002, you will be taped in your classrooms. These tapes will be used for Observation/wrap-around activities, which will begin in February, showcasing the first team of TIMs first and then you as tapes become available. Graduate classes will meet and during class, they will view your footage, discussing practices they witnessed and developing ideas and activities for their own classrooms. Toward the end of the semester, you will evaluate the program and suggest improvements. These improvements will be carefully considered and the third team of TIMs will be selected. You, as a collaborative team, will help to mentor the new TIMs and a support group will be formed of all TIMs. This same routine will again be implemented for the fall of 2002.

12 Rewards Although no stipend or cash reimbursement is allowed by the TEACH Board, a budgeted allowance of monies can be used for you to purchase: - Hardware - Software - Classroom Materials - Further Training (Registration fees, conference fees, grad fees, etc.) **The allowance is calculated to a maximum of $2000 per TIM.

13 NET Connections + Web Page

14 This publication and/or the activities described herein were funded by the State of Wisconsin, TEACH Wisconsin Board. Back to TIMs Page

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