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Probability,Fractions,Patterns, and Functions LEAP Review.

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1 Probability,Fractions,Patterns, and Functions LEAP Review

2 Fractions that lead to Probability Look at the colored tiles. What is the fraction of blue tiles? Pink tiles? Green tiles? What is the probability of drawing a blue tile if these were in a bag? A green tile? A pink tile?

3 Another way of looking at it What is the fraction of red pieces? Green pieces? Yellow pieces? Blue pieces? If this was a spinner in a game, what color are you most likely to land on? Why?

4 One MoreTime Look at the pattern blocks. If these pieces were in a box and you reached in and drew one out without looking, what do you have the least chance of getting?

5 Patterns (Sequencing) Complete the patterns 2, 4, 6, ___, ___ ___, ___, 9, 11, 13 7, 10, 13, ___, ___, 22, 25 99, 94, 89, 84, 79, ___, ___ Do you see the patterns?

6 Functions: Another way of looking at patterns Can you see the pattern? Can you complete the function chart?

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