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College Day 2011 Getting ready for the College Representatives.

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1 College Day 2011 Getting ready for the College Representatives

2 What is the purpose? (besides getting to socialize?)  A chance to learn about schools you are interested in  A chance to ask questions of the college representatives  A chance to make a first impression on the college of your choice  An exposure to colleges you may not even have thought of  A chance to give the colleges information about you

3 Do Not Forget!  The college representatives really WANT you to be interested in their schools.  This is your chance to make a good first impression!

4 College Fair Etiquette   Properly introduce yourself and ask the college rep his/her name, so perhaps you could follow up with an email or letter.   A proper introduction is usually identifying yourself and shaking hands with the representative. If you feel uncomfortable shaking hands, look the person in the eye when talking to him or her.   Complete inquiry cards if available or have LABELS prepared with the following information: legal name, address, possible major, high school, graduation year, GPA, class rank, SAT /ACT scores, phone number, email address.  Develop an appropriate email address for the college search, i.e.

5 College Fair Etiquette  Ask focused questions – See the slide of questions to ask if you have trouble coming up with your own.   It is okay to eavesdrop on conversations that other students are having with college reps. You might hear something you need to know.   Know your academic history – your GPA and SAT scores.  Dress appropriately. You are making a first impression on the college reps.  Dress appropriately. You are making a first impression on the college reps.  No cell phones, texting or Instant Messaging while at the college table!  Get a card from the representative. This may help you have a permanent contact at that school.  Don’t just visit your favorite colleges and don’t overlook a college because you think you can not afford it.

6 Important questions to ask  What are your standards for acceptance?  When are tours offered? Who gives the tour? Do you have an open house?  What is your enrollment deadline?  What programs/degrees do you offer? What are the most popular majors at this college?  What percentage of your students graduate in four years?  Are there advisors for each student? How much time are they required to spend with each student?  Do students have to take an admissions exam? Are there placement exams for courses once a student is accepted?  How many students are enrolled at your college?  What is the average class size? What is the largest?  What extracurricular opportunities are available on campus? Are student organizations encouraged and supported by the school? How?  Is the food good?  Tell me about the living arrangements available on campus.

7 You can make a grid like this from your questions. Take it around with you and write down the information you receive. Put your own criteria in the grid. Get it ready before the fair. Questions College A College B College C How is the food? What are the deadlines for admissions? For Financial Aid? What are your most popular majors? What are your admissions requirements?

8 Make the College Fair Worth Your Time  Don’t forget to make labels if you can  Remember your College Fair Etiquette  Prepare your questions in advance  Talk to your parents about what they want you to ask  Enjoy meeting with the colleges you are interested in, but don’t forget to check out some others!  Make a good impression!

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