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Wise Choices in College

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1 Wise Choices in College
Learning College Customs Effective Note Taking Effective Studying Effective Test Taking

2 College Customs Review your college catalogue on the college’s web page. See your Advisor. Understand Prerequisites. Complete your general education requirements (36 credits) Choose a major wisely. Take a realistic course load. Attend the first day of class on time. Sit in class where you can focus on learning. Study the syllabus. Buy required course books and supplies asap. Introduce yourself to one or more classmates and exchange phone numbers and addresses.

3 College Customs …. Inform your instructor before an absence.
If you arrive late, slip in quietly. Ask questions. To hold an extended conversation with your instructors, make an appointment during their office hours. Get involved in campus life. Know the importance of your GPA. If you stop attending a class, withdraw officially. Talk to your instructor before withdrawing. Keep a file of important documents. Show respect to your classmates and instructor by avoiding inappropriate behaviors.

4 Effective Note Taking Before Note Taking
Create a positive affirmation about taking notes. Get note-taking supplies that fit your style. Read and take notes on homework assignments before class. Prepare a list of questions based on homework assignments. Bring note-taking supplies to every class and use them.

5 Effective Note Taking During Note Taking Use the outline method.
Use a concept map. Record only important ideas in your notes. Listen and look for cues. Listen for answers to your prepared questions. Use Abbreviations. If you can’t keep up, leave spaces. Record the class.

6 Effective Note Taking…..
After Note Taking Review your notes. Talk about your notes. Compare notes. Revise your notes. Compare your notes. Revise your notes as appropriate. Review your notes periodically. Rehearse your notes aloud.

7 Effective Studying Before Studying
Create a positive affirmation about studying. Create an ideal study space. Make a list of important assignments. Study your challenging subjects first. Arrange to be undisturbed. Tell yourself “I will remember what I’m about to study.” Do the data dump. Form a study group.

8 Effective Studying….. During Studying
Play soft, instrumental music in the background. Change subjects after forty-five to sixty minutes. Take short break every thirty minutes or so. Studying during your prime learning times. Create Q & A cards. Use Graphic Organizers. Create study sheets containing key math and science formulas. Review briefly every day.

9 Effective Studying…. After Studying Review, Review, Review
Create an instant replay of your study session. Discuss concepts often. Have someone quiz you. Teach what you learn. Seek tutoring.

10 Effective Test Taking Before a Test
Create a positive affirmation about taking tests. Find out what will be covered on the test. Find out how you will be tested. Set a study schedule. Take a practice test. Visualize success. Get to the exam room early and find a comfortable place.

11 Effective Test Taking During the Test
Right before the exam is handed out, relax, say your affirmation, and visualize your success once more. Skim the test. Read and follow directions carefully. Do easy questions first. Review your answers. Offer an answer for every question. Match questions to the answer sheet.

12 After the Test Reward yourself.
Get the correct answers to all questions you missed and study them. Analyze your errors.

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