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Older Americans Act & Vulnerable populations

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1 Older Americans Act & Vulnerable populations
Area Agency on Aging Older Americans Act & Vulnerable populations

2 North Central Idaho Currently we serve 762 Elders over the age of 60 in Latah County population of 4,898 We serve Vulnerable Adults in the community who have been assessed by a Licensed Social Worker.

3 Latah Co. Community Partnerships
We work closely with Project access We oversee 5 Latah County Meal Sites University of Idaho’s extension programs Local Community Action Partnership

4 Area Agency on Aging Programs
Area Agency on Aging is a Community Action Partnership Program. Our programs are designed for those who are 60 years and older to provide maximum independence and dignity in a home environment with appropriate supportive services whenever possible.

5 Our Services Ombudsman Program Adult Protection Case Management
Information & Referral

6 Ombudsman The Ombudsman investigates and resolves complaints on behalf of residents or visitors of nursing homes or residential care facilities who have concerns regarding care. Ombudsman monitors the quality of care for residents

7 Adult Protection Adult Protection investigates allegations of abuse, neglect, self-neglect, exploitation and abandonment of vulnerable adults 18+ years of age. A vulnerable adult is a person who is 18 or older who is unable to protect or take care of themselves because of physical or mental impairment and functional limitations.

8 Case Management Case Management assists frail, older adults to achieve maximum independence by coordinating home and community based services.

9 Information and Assistance
Information and Assistance provides information to anyone with questions related to problems or concerns of older people and vulnerable adults. Referrals are made to appropriate service providers and follow-up is provided as needed to assure needs have been met. As a representative for Area Agency on Aging we anticipate providing educational resources to the public and respond accordingly to the needs of our clients by providing them with access to services in the community in times of need.

10 Disaster Recovery Needs
Coordinated efforts towards disaster planning Our immediate response to the clients we serve is to make contact with the most vulnerable adults, their families and friends to assure their most basic needs are met.

11 Our Role The disaster needs of older persons Assess Identify Monitor

12 Social Assistance Management System
We have the largest database of homebound seniors in for Latah County A large number of vulnerable populations who do not primarily have financial support Over time we will be able to build our database to identify those client’s who have been assessed and who are in the greatest need. We currently do not operate a voluntary registry for client information and are unable to provide information for liability purposes or the capacity of our available data.

13 Goals We wish to work with and encourage community groups so that we may assist our clients to meet their needs in case of an emergency or disaster. A local Emergency planner may consider a common Response plan for in home service providers and possibly home health services.

14 Questions? If you have any questions, please contact our office:
Sabrina Shropshire, CIRS (208) ext. 207 (800)

15 Thank You

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