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Developmental Revision

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1 Developmental Revision

2 Bowlby’s Internal Working Model theory
Attachment between mother and child is a basic biological need. It is the first and most important schema the child forms for viewing -oneself -others -how one relates to others.

3 Strange Situation Parent and child are alone in a room.
Child explores the room without parental participation. Stranger enters the room, talks to parent, and approaches the child. Parent quietly leaves the room. Parent returns and comforts the child.

4 Ainsworth (1967) Ugandan Strange Situation study
28 unweaned babies were observed every 2 weeks for 2 hours at a time for 9 months. Ainsworth used an interpreter as well as various rating scales to measure maternal sensitivity. The strange situation was observed and interviews were conducted.

5 Findings Categorization of children correlated significantly with ratings of mother’s sensitivity: Avoidant- Child appears indifferent when mother leaves and avoids mother when she comes back. Securely attached-Child is upset when mother leaves and is happy to see her again. Ambivalent- Child is upset when mother leaves, and when mother comes back the child seeks comfort but also rejects it.

6 Ainsworth (1971) Baltimore, US Strange situation study
26 mother-infant pairs were visited in their homes every 3-4 weeks for the 1st year of the infant’s life. Findings: Avoidant (20%) Securely attached (70%) Ambivalent (10%)

7 Hazan and Shaver (1987) Created a “love quiz” in a local newspaper.
620 people, aged years, mean age of 36 years, 205 males, 415 females Researchers also asked pariticpants to describe their parents parenting style using an adjective checklist.

8 Findings: 60% securely attached, 20% avoidant, 20% ambivalent

9 Resilience Positive adaptation in spite of serious risk factors.
What are some negative life experiences that can place a child at risk later on in life?

10 What are some protective factors?
Child’s disposition Close relationship with at least one parent Social support in the community

11 Role Audience Format Topic Parent of a unruly child Other parents Ad Using describe how the program has helped you. Founder of the High/Scope Perry Project To parents of potential participants Brochure Recruit participants by describing the: -criteria -the program -benefits Founder of the BBBS programme Grant foundation Letter Go on to describe the program and outline its benefits.

12 Mock Analysis Show your understanding of all evaluation terms.
Analyse the potential effect of each confounding variable. Analyse the study’s design to assess face validity (method used to gather info or different conditions set up).

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