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The Struggle. Growing up I loved to play sports…

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1 The Struggle

2 Growing up I loved to play sports…

3 Volleyball

4 Softball

5 Basketball

6 Irish Step Dance

7 I spent a lot of time hanging out with friends and being active.

8 My favorite time of the year was always…



11 Except for that part!

12 The books were always picked by the teachers and were never anything I wanted to read.

13 I would rather be outside than read something I had no interest in.

14 Another subject I still am not fond of is writing.

15 My first problem always comes from…


17 Since I always wait until the last possible second to start, I am crunched for time.

18 I never get any sleep the night before a due date.

19 Then on top of that…

20 I am meticulous with every word of my first draft.

21 This just makes writing very frustrating.

22 And I end up looking like this… for hours…

23 While I fully understand the importance of being literate and possessing the ability to effectively communicate thoughts and ideas, my past experiences involving reading and writing have led me to dislike the processes. Since I have not suffered any real consequences because of it, I do not see anything wrong with it.

24 Even though many argue that reading and writing are rewarding subjects, I view them as time-consuming and stressful activities. Maybe reading and writing will one day be enjoyable, but at this point in my life, they cause me to feel only frustration and anxiety.

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