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The Leadership Challenge

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1 The Leadership Challenge
Richfield High School Dr. Jill Johnson, Principal

2 2000 vs. 2009

3 Improvement Efforts Three Themes [Past Six Years] Establish Order
Restore Hope Build Capacity

4 Build Capacity Are Leaders Made, or Born….?
What would happen if teachers approached their work as a leader?

5 The Leadership Challenge
Open to All Teachers Five, Two Hour Sessions All Sessions After School Teachers Received CERC Hours for Participation

6 Resources Kouzes and Posner: The Leadership Challenge, Text and Workbook Resource Notebook – Articles and Handouts Studied Other Leaders, including Warren Buffett, Robert Redford, Pat Summitt Guest Speakers

7 The Leadership Challenge
Five Principles Model the Way Inspire A Share Vision Challenge The Process Enable Others Encourage the Heart

8 The Leadership Challenge
Methods of Instruction Group Discussion Action Planning Template Five Principles Worksheet Sharing Reflecting

9 The Leadership Challenge

10 The Leadership Challenge
For More Information Jill Johnson, Principal

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