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Christmas Vocabulary December 25. Santa Claus brings gifts to nice kids.

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1 Christmas Vocabulary December 25

2 Santa Claus brings gifts to nice kids.

3 If you were a naughty child, Santa won’t bring you toys.

4 My friends and I built a Frosty snowman.

5 My mom places the Christmas‘ cards above the fireplace.

6 Snowflakes fall during the snow storm.

7 Mom decorated the Christmas tree and placed the presents under it.

8 Nine reindeers pull Santa’s sleigh

9 Children go carol singing from door to door.

10 Stockings are filled with small gifts.

11 My dad made a mess with the Christmas lights.

12 The Three Wise Men follow the star to find baby Jesus.

13 Santa climbs down the chimney while everyone is sleep.

14 Elves help Santa to have all the gifts ready for Christmas.

15 Mary, Joseph and baby Jesus complete the Nativity Scene.

16 Candy Canes have read and white stripes.

17 Most families open their Christmas gifts on Christmas morning.

18 My baby brother received a lot of toys for Christmas

19 Santa lives in the North Pole.

20 The snow falls during winter time.

21 December is the month to celebrate Christmas.

22 Christmas trees are decorated with ornaments.

23 Angel Gabriel announced to Mary that she will have God’s son.

24 Santa’s most famous reindeer is Rudolph.

25 Santa Claus wears black boots and a red outfit.

26 During Christmas’ Eve the bell announces that Jesus is born.

27 During Christmas time we use a lot of red bows.q

28 If you stand under the mistletoe, you must kiss the person next to you.

29 Decorations are part of the Christmas spirit.

30 The table was decorated with red candles.

31 Gingerbread man cookies are delicious with some milk.

32 The reindeers help Santa to distribute the toys for Christmas

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