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Salmonid Life Cycle.

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1 Salmonid Life Cycle

2 Eggs Alevin Fry Smolt Adult Spawner Freshwater Estuary Ocean

3 Coho Salmon (Silver Salmon)
Chinook Salmon (King Salmon) Steelhead Trout

4 Eggs

5 Eyed Egg

6 Eggs Need: Cool Water Clean Water Flowing Water

7 Hatching Eggs

8 Eggs and alevin

9 Alevin Alevin with yolk sac

10 Swimming fry

11 Fry School of fry with parr marks

12 Fry Need: Protection from predators Food Cool, clean water

13 Smolts Salmonid smolts are silver-colored.

14 Smolts live in an estuary.
Estuary: a place with both fresh water and salt water.

15 Adult Salmonids Adult salmonids live in the ocean.

16 Returning to the River…

17 Spawner Salmon Need: Safe access

18 Spawner Salmon Need: A place to spawn

19 Spawner Salmon Need: Clean gravel

20 Building a Redd…

21 Male vs. Female Spawners

22 Salmon are Part of the Food Web

23 Salmon Food Salmonids eat: -Insects -Krill -Other small fish

24 Salmon are food for many animals

25 Salmon need: FOOD & CLEAN WATER Caddisfly larvae are salmon food.

26 Salmon need: SHELTER & SPACE

27 Salmon need: Protection from predators

28 What can you do to help protect salmon and their home so they can survive?

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