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Ecology CST Practice Questions

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1 Ecology CST Practice Questions

2 Question 1 Bacteria living in nodules on the roots of legumes have the ability to fix atmospheric nitrogen into a water-soluble form that plants can use. The bacteria absorb sugar from the plants’ roots. Which describes the relationship between the bacteria and the legume plants? A commensalism B mutualism C parasitism D predation

3 Question 2 Mouse Hawk Grass Frog

4 Question 3 The crab Lybia tessellata carries a pair of sea anemones on its claws. The crab uses the sea anemone’s stinging tentacles as protection and the sea anemone obtains small food particles released by the crab as it feeds. Which type of symbiotic relationship does this best illustrate? A commensalism B mutualism C parasitism D predation

5 Question 4 Which substance is considered to be a factor affecting Earth’s ozone layer? A chlorofluorocarbons B ethyl alcohol C nitrogen gas D water vapor

6 Question 5 Which graph represents the maximum carrying capacity of a bacterial colony?

7 Question 6

8 Questions 8 Questions 7 and 8

9 Questions 9

10 Questions 10

11 Questions 11

12 Questions 12

13 Questions 13 The diagram represents the pyramid of biomass:

14 Questions 14

15 Questions 15

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