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Justin Barker Territory Manager 888-999-9830 x110

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2 Justin Barker Territory Manager 888-999-9830 x110

3 Who and what is certiport? Certiport delivers exams in 142 countries and 24 languages The world leader in performance-based certification exams and practice tests for academic institutions and corporate markets Over 2 million exams are administered annually though a global network of 10,000 Certiport Authorized Testing Centers Certiport manages a sophisticated portfolio of leading practice test and certification programs Certiport works with more than 400 subject matter experts in 20 countries to ensure exam objectives are consistent with market needs Certiport is based in American Fork, Utah where it has more than 180 employees …


5 In addition to these program interventions for adults and postsecondary students who are working, we need to revive high school career and technical education programs as alternative pathways to postsecondary education and training or to industry-based certificates and certifications that make students employable after high school. (Emphasis added) - Postsecondary Education and Training As We Know It Is Not Enough.


7 Students who earn credentials in occupational programs can have substantial earnings advantages over those earning traditional academic degrees (Emphasis Added) - California State University - Sacramento


9 Students can receive college credit through:

10 Able to perform 80% of entry-level information tasks 85% of supervisors report… More productive Require less supervision 93% Become team resources 89% Are more satisfied at work Keeping/staying with their jobs "Proportionally, more kids have lost jobs in the past few years than the entire country lost in the Great Depression." - Andrew Sum in Time Magazine Jan 18, 2010 "Proportionally, more kids have lost jobs in the past few years than the entire country lost in the Great Depression." - Andrew Sum in Time Magazine Jan 18, 2010

11 Top-tier staffing agency reports: Twice as likely to be placed 50% more likely to be hired on full time Average 10-15% higher pay Time Magazine Report,9171,1952331,00.html


13 Lower Drop-out Rates NYC CTE – 4x Lower Increased Post-Secondary Enrollment NYC CTE – 92% Perceived Program Value NYC CTE –600 openings received 10,000 applicants

14 Performance IndicatorNon-CAPECAPE, No Certification CAPE + Certification Average Grade (4.0 GPA scale)2.532.603.00 12 th Graders Earning Diploma (Graduating) 66.5%76.7%94.0% At Least One College-Level Course 17.7%19.0%30.5% Graduates Enrolling In Postsecondary In Fall 67.2%57.9%70.2% Graduates Employed In Fall48.4%45.5%58.0% Chronically Absent15.5%12.3%11.6% At Least On Disciplinary Action 21.6%21.2%10.0% Dropout Rate2.4%1.4%0.1%

15 Quantifiable Student Learning Outcomes Aligns with Perkins & Other Funding Requirements Simplifies End of Year reporting Standardization Professional Development for Staff & Faculty Fulfill CTE Credential Requirement for Industry Exp. Articulation Agreements Throughout the U.S.


17 Largest Certification Program on the Planet Ideal Candidates for Certification ROP/CTE Students Academy Program Students Instructors and Staff Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, Access (SharePoint & One Note in 2010) - Microsoft Office 2010 - Microsoft Office 2007 - Microsoft Office 2003 The MOS Program

18 This is what to expect - Performance-based exam 50-55 minute length 20-30 test items with one or more tasks Score required to pass varies with exam (65-80%) Skills measured are posted on Microsofts website

19 International Industry Standard Possible College Credit Student Engagement/Academics 1000s of jobs in Arkansas require MS Office Skills


21 Digital Literacy Certified in 3 Areas Computing Fundamentals, Key Applications, Living Online IC 3 = Foundational Certification for Office Workers Design Workers IT Professionals Appropriate Courses for Certification Introduction to Computers Basic Microsoft Office Courses Internet Use Courses IC 3 Program

22 This is what to expect - Mix of multiple-choice, simulations and matching questions 4 5 minute length 45 test items with one or more tasks Score required to pass varies with exam (most IT exams range from 65-80%) Source: US Dept. of Education, October 2000 Skills measured are posted on Certiport website

23 Computing Fundamentals Key Applications Living Online Basic understanding of computer hardware, software, and using the operating system for everyday tasks Specific, common, skills of word processing, spreadsheet and presentation programs Basic understanding of how computers connect to a network and the Internet, specific skills for operating an email application, web browser


25 Digital Literacy Skills Certified Use of Photoshop, Dreamweaver and Flash & Premier* Exams available in CS3, CS4 or CS5 versions Appropriate Courses for Certification Digital Photography Courses Photoshop/Design Courses Web Design Courses *Premiere exams is available in CS5 only

26 This is what to expect - Mix of multiple-choice and simulations 50 minute length 39-41 test items Score required to pass varies with exam (Between 65 and 75%) Skills measured are posted on Adobe website

27 States of Arkansas, California, Delaware, Florida, Kansas, Kentucky, Maryland, New Mexico, Ohio, New York, Texas, Virginia (to name just a few!) Approved for High School CTE Teachers Adobe Certified Associate (ACA) Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) Approved for Middle School CTE Teachers Internet and Computing Core Certification (IC 3 )


29 Any school can be registered as a test center at no charge Download test software for free Purchase certification vouchers or licenses for use during the school year



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