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Harder to see, and sometimes not so clear to catch

2 Implied? Do you get the punchline of this cartoon?
A punch line is something that has to be “inferred” It is the same for Implied Main Idea: It is not stated outright, but has to be figured out.

3 An Example of Implied Main Idea:
I wouldn’t feed that dessert to a dog Do “Exercise 7-1” now

4 General and Specific Ideas
As we learned in Chapter Five, we need to be able to distinct the difference between General Idea: will apply to many items or ideas Specific: refers to a particular item

5 Examples of General/Specific
The word color is general. There are many colors (red, yellow, green, blue, etc.) The word shoe is general. There are many types of shoes (running, stiletto, slippers, etc.) Each item that would be included in the general words are “specific” ideas.

6 Let’s do Exercise 7-2

7 Remember what a Main Idea is
It is the most general statement of main idea in the passage. Often is the first sentence (topic sentence) INFERRED OR IMPLIED MAIN IDEA You have to look at the specific details, and then decide what the general idea would be, if stated normally.

8 Let’s do Exercise 7-3

9 Tips on how to find an Implied Main Idea
Find the topic by thinking about all the specific details provided. “What is the one thing the author is discussing throughout the paragraph.” Figure out what is the most important idea the writer wants you to know about the topic. Look at details and decide what the larger idea is. Express this main idea in your own words. Make sure it makes sense, and applies to all the details in the paragraph.

10 Let’s do an Example p.205 Advertisers passage

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