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Overcoming Objections

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1 Overcoming Objections

2 Overcoming Objections
Welcome objections – no objection, no sale. If they weren’t interested, they wouldn’t bother to object. Figurative and literal objections Figurative are not real – they are negotiating tactics and can be ignored. Literal objections are real and must be addressed.

3 Overcoming Objections
Probe to understand. Compliment, restate, and get agreement. “I’m glad you brought that up.” “You believe our prices are too high.” “Is that right?”

4 Empathize, reassure, and support (“feel, felt, found”).
“I understand how you feel.” “Other customers have felt the same way at first.” “But they found that they were able to improve their ROI that more than paid for the information.”

5 Tactics Use trial closes. Forestall objections before they come up.
Use “Yes, but…” and compare. Use case histories (case studies). Use “coming to that…” Pass on objections

6 Dealing With the Price Objection
Hope it comes up; otherwise you’ve underpriced your product. Always talk quality – create value. Break price into smallest possible units. “Pennies a day” Talk value and ROI, not price.

7 Refer to investments, not costs. Use “you get what you pay for.”
Information is an investment in future profits. Use “you get what you pay for.”

8 Conditions Conditions Keep the relationship – they’ll be back.
Can’t be overcome; they are legitimate reasons for not buying. Keep the relationship – they’ll be back.

9 Summary Welcome objections. Probe to understand. Use trial closes.
Use case studies. “You get what you pay for.” They’ll be back.

10 Homework Read Chapter 11, Media Selling, 4th edition:
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