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NIMAC Update to OSEP October 19, 2009 Julia Myers Nicole Gaines.

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1 NIMAC Update to OSEP October 19, 2009 Julia Myers Nicole Gaines

2 NIMAC Accomplishments Total number of files received far exceeds our expectations! NIMAC had expected to receive 12,000 file sets over the course of the five-year grant. As of today, NIMAC has certified over 19,000 file sets.

3 NIMAC Accomplishments NIMAC is currently testing NIMAC 2.0, a completely new release of the system software. The new version includes many enhancements and improvements. NIMAC is developing new webcast trainings and online documentation for users to accompany the new release.

4 NIMAC 2.0 Highlights Improved searching Complete AMP and Publisher contact information available to AUs Ability for AUs to batch assign files to AMPs Improved Watchlist feature And much more!

5 NIMAC Accomplishments The NIMAC has achieved nearly full participation of the states and outlying areas. Alaska is the only state that has chosen not to coordinate.

6 NIMAC Accomplishments There are currently 127 Accessible Media Producers and 142 Authorized Users registered with the NIMAC. 88 publishers are now registered with NIMAC and submitting files to the repository.

7 NIMAC Accomplishments First authorized user survey conducted in Spring 2009. Survey was intended to: –Explore what formats were being produced and assigned for production. –Assess how many AUs are using Louis to share information about available materials. –Receive feedback on NIMAC trainings. –Inquire about implementation challenges AUs are experiencing.

8 NIMAC Accomplishments Survey Results: –Of 45 respondents, 21 produced or assigned files for Braille; 21 produced or assigned files for DAISY. –Over 80% did not list in Louis. –Feedback on NIMAC trainings was very positive. –Building the repository and training those who convert files were seen as the two greatest NIMAS implementation needs.

9 Collaboration: The NIMAS TA Centers NIMAC frequently collaborates with the NIMAS TA Center on behalf of publishers and AUs. NIMAC staff routinely refer users to CAST for help with questions regarding the technical specification or conversion problems. (Valerie Hendricks is our main contact and she is great!)

10 Collaborations: RFB&D and Bookshare NIMAC routinely directs parents, teachers and other customer service callers who are looking for student-ready digital or audio formats to Bookshare and RFB&D. NIMAC also refers callers to their SCs for guidance on how the given state is working with those organizations.

11 Collaborations: RFB&D and Bookshare Important file quality feedback comes to us from Bookshare and RFB&D, which we are able to then troubleshoot and route to the publisher when needed. This is very helpful to us for maintaining the quality and helping publishers locate and resolve problems they are having in their conversions.

12 Collaborations: RFB&D and Bookshare Input from RFB&D and Bookshare have helped NIMAC improve our system and user interface. NIMAC 2.0 enhancements that arose from this collaboration include: –Improved display in the AMP portal and new archiving feature –Ability to batch assign files to AMPs –Additional AU contact information in AMP file assignment notifications –Complete publisher contact information in both the AU and AMP portals

13 Collaborations: RFB&D and Bookshare NIMAC continues to expedite the activation of AU accounts for RFB&D and Bookshare by offering states the option of faxing in the revised Coordination Agreement. (We still file the hard copy when it arrives in the mail, but we activate the accounts upon receipt of the fax.) RFB&D now has 12 AU accounts. Bookshare has 19 AU accounts.

14 Collaborations: RFB&D and Bookshare NIMAC contacts publishers directly to inquire about the ETA for files when users are in immediate need of a file for an accessible format. While NIMAC has no authority to require publishers to submit files, we do routinely contact publishers to find out the status of files and request that NIMAS conversion be expedited so that the file can get into the hands of the AMP more quickly.

15 The question of who can determine print disabled/reading disability eligibility remains an unresolved issue. This issue was recently brought to the NIMAC by AUs from three states who are on the NIMAC User Group. NIMAC is concerned about the obstacle that this may pose to state implementation and to the overall success of NIMAS. Challenges: Eligibility

16 Challenges: Implementation State implementation is proceeding slowly many at the local level still seem to be confused and have difficulty navigating the state systems. NIMAC receives frequent calls from teachers or parents whose local district or school does not know how the state is implementing NIMAS or how to request the accessible formats they need. Training on how to convert NIMAS into student- ready formats is still needed.

17 Challenges: The Economy Many fewer files are being submitted when compared with this time last year, probably due to the economy. While overall submissions for the first 3 quarters of 2009 are only down 8% over the same time last year, submissions the past two quarters are down 43%.

18 Challenges: The Economy The economic downturn has been accompanied by major mergers in the publishing industry. Significant layoffs have accompanied these mergers. NIMAC is seeing a decline in responsiveness from some companies to inquiries from states or NIMAC regarding files that NIMAC has not received.

19 NIMAC: The Numbers Despite the economy, the overall picture for NIMAC has been positive! Next is a whirlwind of statistics describing the NIMACs growth in the past year!

20 NIMAC Inventory Accepted File Sets: September 30, 2008: 10,894 September 30, 2009:18,873 (This represents an increase of 73%.)

21 NIMAC Publishers Publishers Working with NIMAC: September 30, 2008: 71 September 30, 2009:86 (This represents an increase of 21%.)

22 NIMAC States States/Outlying Areas Coordinating: September 30, 2008: 53 September 30, 2009:54 (All states have now coordinated with the NIMAC except Alaska.)

23 NIMAC AUs Authorized Users: September 30, 2008: 88 September 30, 2009: 141 (This represents an increase of 60%.)

24 NIMAC AMPs Accessible Media Producers: September 30, 2008: 95 September 30, 2009:127 (This represents an increase of 34%.)

25 NIMAC Usage Stats Unique Downloads by AUs: September 30, 2008: 623 September 30, 2009:1,573 (This represents an increase of 150%.)

26 NIMAC Usage Stats Unique Downloads by AMPs: September 30, 2008: 325 September 30, 2009:1,214 (This represents an increase of 273%.)

27 NIMAC Usage Authorized User Content Type Unique Files Downloaded Consumable 102 Other 35 Supplementary reading material 350 Textbook 1086 TOTAL 1,573

28 NIMAC Usage Accessible Media Producer Content Type Unique Files Downloaded Consumable 170 Other 18 Supplementary reading material 153 Textbook 873 TOTAL1,214

29 NIMAC Inventory Inventory by Content Type: Textbooks: 3,945 Other: 1,770 Consumables: 1,543 Supplementary reading materials:11,615 TOTAL:18,873

30 NIMAC Inventory Inventory by Content Type: Textbooks: 21% Other: 9% Consumables: 8% Supplementary reading materials: 62% TOTAL: 100%

31 NIMAC Usage Content Type% of Downloads Textbooks: 70.2% Other: 2% Consumable: 9.8% Supplementary reading materials: 18% TOTAL: 100%

32 Top 10 Authorized Users AccountDownloads Wyoming Institute for Disabilities279 Indiana Center for Accessible Materials149 Indiana Education Resource Center118 Utah State Instructional Materials115 University of Louisville (Kentucky)104 Indiana Center for Accessible Materials101 Ohio State School for the Blind62 Idaho School for the Deaf and the Blind61 Kansas Instructional Resource Center51 Louisiana Instructional Materials Center40

33 Top 10 AMP Users AccountStateDownloads Bookshare.orgCalifornia738 APHKentucky98 Recording for the Blind & DyslexicNew Jersey93 Anamosa Braille CenterIowa56 Transcribing MarinersCalifornia38 TechAdaptWashington36 Braille Access CenterWashington24 Arizona IRCArizona20 Calaveras County SELPACalifornia13 Braille Transcription Santa Clara CountyCalifornia10

34 Recap of NIMAC Growth Sept. 30, 2008Sept. 30, 2009% increase Total Files Available 10, 984Total Files Available 18,87373% AU Downloads 623AU Downloads 1,573150% AMP Downloads 325AMP Downloads 1,214273%

35 NIMAC Outreach NIMAC continues to stay in contact with users and stakeholders through: –NIMAC Advisory Council –NIMAC User Group –NIMAC web site –NIMAC participation in workshops/conferences –NIMAC publisher conference calls –NIMAC training webcasts

36 NIMAC Team Julia Myers, Project Director Nicole Gaines, NIMAC Manager Johanna Argo, NIMAC Support Specialist Tiffany Bradford, NIMAC Support Specialist OverDrive NIMAC Team

37 How to Reach Us 502-899-2230 1-877-526-4622 (1-877-52-NIMAC)

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