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The Ninth Nugget By: Ron Roy.

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1 The Ninth Nugget By: Ron Roy

2 Author Information Ron Roy
Ron Roy was born on April 29th, 1940 in Hartford, Connecticut. He loved to read books and study animals. He was a 4th grader teacher who started writing children stories, and in 1978 sold his 1st book. In 1997 he started writing A-Z Mysteries series and now writes Capital Mysteries. Ron Roy has written an award winning book called: Whose Hat Is That?

3 Why I decided to present this book?
Since I have all the A to Z mystery books, I looked through them. The expression on the kids faces on the cover of this book made it look interesting to me.

4 Other Novels By: Ron Roy
A to Z Mysteries Capital Mysteries

5 Setting of the Book The setting of the book is at a Wheat Ranch in Bozeman, Montana.

6 Conflict or Problem The problem in the Ninth Nugget is the kids find a huge gold nugget while they were panning for gold, but it was stolen! The kids wanted to try and find the thief before they had to go home to Connecticut.

7 Explanation of Characters
This series features three smart kids who solve crimes and mysteries. They live in a small town in Connecticut, called Green Lawn. The kids are Dink Duncan, Josh Pinto, and Ruth Rose Hathaway. They are third graders and live near each other. They have hobbies, pets, and parents, but what they love most is to solve a good mystery.

8 Outcome or Solution The outcome is that Josh, Dink and Ruth Rose sneak in all the rooms at the ranch to search for the gold. But when they peak in the window at Ed’s cabin they see the gold nugget fall out of his boot where he had hidden it. Before Ed could sneak away from the ranch with the gold, Josh tied him up with a rope when he came out from his cabin. Then he took him to the main house to tell everyone what had happened.

9 Opinion My reaction to reading this book was that gold panning would be fun to try! The book was interesting at some parts and scary at others. The message I got from this book is people that steal usually get caught, so don’t steal or cheat.

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