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1 Understanding the Jatropha System IFAD – Jatropha conference, April 10 – 11, 2008 in Rome.

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1 1 Understanding the Jatropha System IFAD – Jatropha conference, April 10 – 11, 2008 in Rome

2 2

3 3 The Jatropha System (nurseries) – plants – harvest – oil extraction – use of the oil

4 4 baganí, Reinhard K. Henning, e-mail:, Jatropha website:

5 5 1. The Jatropha plant; 2. My own Jatropha activities ( 1987 – 2008 ); 3. High yielding plants; 4. Economic Aspects; Content of this presentation ( Understanding the Jatropha System )

6 6 1. The Jatropha Plant

7 7 The plant Jatropha curcas L. (distribution) is a tropical plant from Jongschaap et al: Claims and Facts about Jatropha

8 8 The Jatropha Plant Jatropha School, Kasetsart University, Thailand, Jatropha plantation, 2 years Sr. Torres, Minas Gerais, Brazil, motherplant

9 9 The Jatropha Plant Jatropha curcas L., is a small tree or large bush up to 6 m of hight; it is worlwide present in theform of protection hedges against animals, here in Mali, West Africa

10 10 The Jatropha plant is toxic in all its parts. It is not browsed by animals (repellent effect). Therefore its use as a living fence; The seeds contain about 30 - 35 % of a non edible oil. The Jatropha plant is a tropical plant; The lifespan of the Jatropha plant is more than 50 years.

11 11 The Jatropha Plant Male (left) und female flowers Inflorescence without female flowers

12 12 2. My Own Jatropha Activities

13 13 My own Jatropha activities 3 years in Mali (1987 – 90) with GTZ (German Co-operation): collection of basic data of production of Jatropha oil and of soap manufacturing; 3 years in GTZ-headquarters in Eschborn (1990 - 1993): general administration work and preparation of a Jatropha project in Mali; 4 years execution of the GTZ-Jatropha-Project in Mali (1993 – 97). Since 1997 independent consultant (see CV in - Establishment and maintenance of a website - Feasibility studies and consultancy work concerning the Jatropha System in diff. countries and for diff.

14 14 3. High Yielding Plants

15 15 High yielding and low yielding Jatropha plants Andapa, Madagascar

16 16 High yielding Jatropha plants (infloescences develop only terminally) Many branches by pruning, high yield Few branches, low yield

17 17 High yielding Jatropha plants 2 x pruned plant in CambodiaNew shoots by pruning (after 5 days)

18 18 High yielding plants Brazil (Torres)Cambodia (Hak)

19 19 High yielding plants Malaysia, 8 monthsCambodia, 7 months from seeds from Torres, Brazil

20 20 Veg. multiplication of high yielding plants by tissue culture India, Jain Irrigation Ltd.Mozambique, University

21 21 4. Economic Aspects

22 22 Economic Aspects The economic feasibility depends very much on local situation: 1) The yield of the plants depends on the genetic properties and the environment (minerals, water, temperature); 2) The production costs of Jatropha oil depend very much on the local labour costs (about 2 hours of work for 1 liter of oil); 3) Mechanical harvesting is not possible (yet), because Jatropha - is a bush with many branches; - has flowers, unripe and ripe fruits at the same branch at the same time; 4) CDM (clean development mechanisme) financement is complicated and very expensive, so only applicable for large plantations.

23 23 Economic Aspects

24 24 Economic Aspects (price of seed)

25 25 The Brazilian president Lula da Silva during the inauguration of a biodiesel production unit with a Jatropha plant in the hand. He said u. o., that he is glad, that Jatropha oil cannot be produced industrially, so the production of Jatropha oil as a source of renewable energy will create many new work places. Sao Paulo newspapüer, 1. Febr. 2007

26 26 Thank you for your attention! Vision: A train will run on Jatropha oil, like in Germany the Priegnitzer Eisenbahn Car running with pure plant oil (PPO) in Phnom Penh, Cambodia Photo: ERI Video Train Fianarantsoa – Manakara, Madagascar

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