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1 Secure Online Presence Savio Fernandes

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1 1 Secure Online Presence Savio Fernandes

2 2 Rule #1: Determine the value of Information that you want to secure Then decide on the investments that you need to make. The cost of the security solution should not exceed the value of the information Image taken from

3 3 Rule #2: Classify your information Also determine who is authorized to access the information Image taken from,289483,sid14_gci995767,00.html

4 4 Rule #3: Different level of sensitivity will require different security levels. Image taken from

5 5 Endpoint Security Management Image taken from

6 6 Patch Management Apply patches but test before deploying on production servers. Image taken from

7 7 Windows Patches Visit for patches. All Critical (Express) patches should be applied

8 8 Microsoft Update Get all Microsoft updates in one place:

9 9 Ensure that the anti-virus software is configured to receive the latest updates automatically Image taken from

10 10 Host Based Intrusion Detection System (IDS) should be deployed on servers in addition to the network IDS Image taken from

11 11 Protect your Application and database severs via additional firewalls. Internet users should not be able to reach the application and database servers directly. Only the webserver should be able to access the application servers. You should also have another firewall in front of the webserver preferably of a different make than the other firewalls. Image taken from

12 12 Security Audit - Nessus You should conduct a weekly audit of your infrastructure with tools such as Nessus (Freeware) Snapshot of Nessus product – downloaded from

13 13 Beware of Zero-day Attacks Image taken from

14 14 Install the Free McAfee SiteAdvisor Snapshot of page taken from

15 15 Heed the advise given by McAfee SiteAdvisor when downloading software Google search output - when a search was made for free networking tools

16 16 Subscribe to Security Newsletters Snapshot of page at

17 17 Incident Response Report the computer incidents to the National Computer Incident response team. e.g. In India log the incident at Snapshot of US-CERT home page at

18 18 Thank You T Image taken from:

19 19 Disclaimer "The images presented and products referenced are the intellectual property of their respective owners. The use of such images is for non-commercial educational purposes only and no claim otherwise is made regarding the said images."

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