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English I Week 1. August 12, 2015Monday Materials: Paper, pencil or pen, (notecard on desk) Agenda: – Seating chart – Introductions – Syllabus – Bio-poem.

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1 English I Week 1

2 August 12, 2015Monday Materials: Paper, pencil or pen, (notecard on desk) Agenda: – Seating chart – Introductions – Syllabus – Bio-poem Homework: Get a spiral notebook – 70 pg and a section in a 3 ring binder.

3 Neatly answer the following questions on the lined side of your index card using a pencil : ( Do not write the questions, just the answers on your card) 1.What is your first and last name? 2.What is your birth date and year? example: February 14, 2001 3.What is your favorite thing to do? 4.Write one word that describes you. 5.What is your favorite animal or food?  When the card is completed you will return it to Mrs. Schomaker, when she asks for it.

4 Getting to know each other time! Now a speaking and listening activity! 1. You will turn to the person next to you and share about yourself for 60 seconds. 2. When the timer goes off you will switch. The partner then shares. 3. You will introduce your partner to the rest of the class when you are called on by Mrs. Schomaker. Make sure you listen and are prepared to speak!

5 Notebook expectations All students are required to bring a spiral notebook to class tomorrow. Your classwork assignments will not receive credit if they are not in a notebook. All assignments must be clearly labeled in the notebook.

6 Bio Poem Your name Sibling of –or- Child of… Who loves… Who hates… Who wants to go to… Who wishes he/she could’ve met… Who is scared of… Who dreams of… Who is determined to… Who values… Who is proud of… Who graduated from… (Middle School Name) Who lives… Your name again

7 Day 2, August 13, 2015 Warm-up: 1.Materials: notebook, sheet of lined paper, and pen/cil. 2.(Work on Bio-Poem if you didn’t finish yesterday) 3.Quickwrite – 6 mins 4.Parts of a letter – class notes – 10 mins 5.Quiz: Back of paper – 8 mins 6.Laying Down Your Roots project – 20 mins

8 Day 2: Notebook & Paper Expectations Write your complete Name Date Period Place the title on the center top line. Clearly and neatly complete the assignment.

9 “Day 2: Quickwrite” Warm-Up What is a quickwrite? You are expected to keep your pencil moving the entire time. You must write until the timer beeps! Six Minutes Prompt: Write about your first day at Citrus Hill High School. What was your favorite class? Did you meet new people? What do you think about the school’s lunch lines? If you don’t like these questions, write about anything concerning your first day of school.

10 “Letter” Please place a correct heading on this paper. Then begin writing a letter to Mrs. Schomaker utilizing the handout questions. Remember to use correct informal letter formatting. This letter must be a minimum of one FULL pages.

11 Roots Activity Example I will be handing you a sheet of paper explaining how to complete today’s activity.

12 Grammar Quiz – 8 mins. Define the following words: 1.Noun 2.Pronoun 3.Adjective 4.Verb 5.Adverb 6.Conjunction 7.Interjection 8.Preposition

13 Grammar Quiz – 8 mins. Define the following words: 1.Noun: names a person, place, thing or idea (CAT) 2.Pronoun: takes the place of a noun (IT) 3.Adjective: Describes a noun or pronoun (FLUFFY) 4.Verb: Show action or a state of being (IS/RUN) 5.Adverb: Describes an adjective, verb or another adverb. (VERY/QUICKLY) 6.Conjunction: Joins words, phrases, or clauses. (AND) 7.Interjection: Shows emotion (WOW!) 8.Preposition: Shows relationship (location usually) between noun or pronoun and rest of sentence. (OVER)

14 Day 3 – August 14 - Friday Materials: laying down your roots handout, pen/cil, sheet of paper, notebook, colored pens/pencils or crayons if you have them. Write your introductory letter. – 20 mins silently Work on your poster

15 Advice from a tree Stand tall and proud Go out on a limb Remember your roots Drink plenty of water Be content with your natural beauty Enjoy the view

16 8/14/15 English I Day 3 Today’s Common Core standards! Please turn in yesterday’s tree activity to the crate if you did not submit it yesterday. Claim 2 - Students can produce effective writing for a range of purposes and audiences. Target 4 – Compose full texts. Standard W9.2 – Convey information clearly through effective organization. b. Develop your response with well-chosen and sufficient facts and concrete details.

17 T.O.C. “#2. Short Story 4-Square 8/14/15” Terms and definitions. 1.characters: invented people who experience a series of events 2. setting: time and place 3. theme: a message or insight about life 4. audience: a group of readers

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