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CDM Collaborative ATFM Interface with Airlines (CAIA) Gerard Mavoian & Peter Eriksen.

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1 CDM Collaborative ATFM Interface with Airlines (CAIA) Gerard Mavoian & Peter Eriksen

2 CDM 8Airlines have an incomplete overall view of the ATFM situation 8Airlines are not able to take tactical measures 8ATFM measures not in accordance with AO priorities Why CAIA

3 CDM 6Fundamentally, the ATFM process is a CDM feature 6In pre-tactical phase, CDM procedures are currently set up and provide quite satisfying results 6Teleconference, re-routing scenarios,... 6In tactical phase, CDM features are provided but only partially exploited 6What-If, Re-route Current situation

4 CDM 8Real-time graphical representation of ATFM situation adapted to airlines 8Regulations 8Congested areas 8Flight oriented representation 8Flow representation 8Better integration into airlines environment 8Provision of a normalised interface to allow requests from airline systems How will CAIA look

5 CDM 6Constraints of the ATFM process 6Capacity(ies) applied to traffic volumes / time window 6Injected in the system(TACT) by CFMU operators 6In pre-tactical or tactical phase 6Can be dynamically amended In addition….

6 CDM 6To collect airlines requirements regarding interface with ATFM 6Short term 6Medium term 6To select and validate short term features 6Pre-validation in stand-alone mode 6Live trails 6Focus on the tactical phase in the Short term ScopeScope

7 CDM 6Airlines 6British Airways, SABENA 6Possibly LTU, and Air Littoral 6CFMU 6URB, airlines liaison Cell 6Internal EEC: COSAAC, AMOC 6Contacts with industry: LIDO PartnersPartners

8 CDM Airline world world Flight planning systems systems Airline OPS ATFM world world CFMU systems CFMU OPS Technical links Operational links Other ATFM actors FMPs, airports Other ATFM actors FMPs, airports ContextContext CAIACAIA

9 CDM Example of display

10 CDM Vertical display

11 CDM RegulationsRegulations

12 Regulations (2)

13 CDM Regulations (3)

14 CDM 6Short term objective (2002) 6No functional evolution of CFMU central systems 6CAIA as support to existing collaborative processes 6Medium term objectives (2004-2006) 6Airborne ETFMS 6New collaborative features (dynamic priorities, …) Airport features (ETFMS, DMAN, AMAN) PlanningPlanning

15 CDM 6Integration in CFMU RCA terminals 6Integration in CFMU CIA terminals 6Independent tool 6Integration in airline flight management systems Envisaged CAIA Implementation


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