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DFS Projekt ADQ – Aeronautical Data Quality

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1 DFS Projekt ADQ – Aeronautical Data Quality
ADQ Implementation Workshop Brussels – 28./29.May 2013 Anette Grossmann-Jorschik, Projectmanager DFS

2 DFS Projekt ADQ – agenda
Basic Parameters Analysis of current stage DFS´s strategy Milestones

3 Basic Parameters EU Regulation and possible Means of Compliance (MoC)

4 Basic Parameters Key findings of the planning phase
ADQ requires electronic and structured data in defined quality right from the data generating instance. The data must be made available in good time and without any loss in quality to all involved instances. Every single step in a process and all involved instances and persons must be documented and verified. Cannot be achieved without modifying the IT-Infrastructure of DFS (GDV, CNS-AA, HDB)! DFS, Projekt ADQ

5 Analysis current stage ADQ – What to do ...?
DFS, Projekt ADQ

6 Analysis of current stage IT-landscape
Systems AIP-Produkcion and Publication Aeronautische Datenbank System Airspace- and Performance planning Obstacle Data Base CNS-data archiv System Frequency-management Datenkonsumierende Systeme DFS Datenkonsumierende Systeme extern EAD External data supplier (authorities, Airports) Geo-Informations Systeme Action to be taken Nicht für ADQ-1 relevant

7 DFS‘s ADQ Strategy Design principles of the planning phase
Identify and document media breaks and manual data entry in the IT application environment of DFS Adjust the affected processes through standards of Aeronautical Data Processing Identify and resolve redundancies in data management and consolidation of historically grown databases Wherever possible standards, open interfaces and COTS products should be required

8 DFS‘s ADQ Strategy Key measures of the planning phase
Analysis and conceptual implementation of Regulation 73/2010, executive rules and Guidelines ADQ (> 700 pages) Analysis and documentation of the application environment for handling of “Aeronautical Data„ Basic concept of an interface for data exchange with Airports Design of a consolidated IT architecture for aeronautical data Design of a master process (process patterns) for handling of aeronautical data (creation, format changes, forwarding, verification, validation and authentication)

9 DFS ADQ Strategy ADQ – DFS‘s conceptual Approach for theit IT-landscape
Aeronautical Database Data supplying systems DFS External data supplier (authorities, airports, ANSPs via EAD) Data management process systems Verification Data supply interface (AIXM) Data provision interface Systems AIP-production and publishing Data consuming systems DFS External data consuming systems EAD Is not relevant to ADQ-1 DFS, Projekt ADQ

10 DFS´s ADQ Strategy Target-IT landscape with a DFS- wide AIM Process (according article 6 VO EU 73/2010) ADQ compliant DFS Deutsche Flugsicherung GmbH, GB AIM

11 DFS‘s ADQ Strategy Integration of external Partners: Example: AirportANSP
AIM-Process (DAL-Process) Data Request Data Set -Format AIXM 5.x Airport ANSP Direct electronic Connection AIP Push / Pull – Exchange Data Provider / Consumer Agreement Service Level Agreement Process Integration Authority? Data Delivery Authority DFS, Projekt ADQ

12 Needs for action in the application environment
DFS‘s ADQ Strategy ADQ – DFS‘s Internal Concept for their new IT-Architecture Meets requirements of VO (EU) 73/2010 Data set format Data exchange format Data protection Technische Anforderungen aus VO 73/2010 (und MOC) Anforderungen aus dem neu entworfenen AIM-DM-Prozess Effectivly supports the newly designed, cross-cutting AIM-Data Management-Process Dokumentation der relevanten Ist-Anwendungslandschaft (Systeme, Schnittstellen, Daten, Integration) Realises consolidation and optimization potential in today´s heterogenous application environment Konzeption einer ADQ-konformen und optimierten Soll-Anwendungslandschaft Is sustainable so as to support the ICAO-strategy from AIS to AIM Supports the principle: Data orientation instead of product orientation Is open for strategic developments (e.g. SOA, SWIM) Needs for action in the application environment Wirtschaftliche und organisatorische Rahmenbedingungen Technische und architekturbezogene Rahmenbedingungen Most economical solution concerning the cost drivers Satisfies the EAM- principles of DFS Satisfies the standards of DFS DFS, Projekt ADQ

13 Milestones Projectplan timetable realisation phase
July 1st The Regulation enters into force for new aeronauical date and information July 1st Nesessary IT-technical aspects are implemented for verification of the compliance June 30th Existing data must be ADQ-compliant 2012 2013 2014 2015 M PA 2 approved M IDS- Demonstrator is functional M DFS- processes are documented ADQ- compliantly M Consolidated and ADQ- Extended AERO DB is functional for test operations M DFS- IT-systems and processes are ADQ- compliant M Final test for replacement of decentralised IT-systems M Replacement of legacy systems, end of project ADQ M Completion of project ADQ DFS, Projekt ADQ

14 Thank you for attention.
DFS, Projekt ADQ

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