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ADQ Implementation Avitech’s Approach and Experience

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1 ADQ Implementation Avitech’s Approach and Experience
ADQ Implementation Workshop Eurocontrol 28/29th May 2013 Michal Kadlec 28/03/2017

2 Content Concept & Solution Compliance Experience Michal Kadlec

3 Components of Avitech's ADQ Solution
Workflows Interfaces SLA AIXM 5.1 SDO Validation Metadata S2S/AXL eAIP Services Michal Kadlec 28/03/2017

4 History of Avitech ADQ related product implementation
1999 – First version of the Suite fully controlled by workflow management tool 2003 – First interface for data originators 2010 – Implementation of upstream workflows for obstacle survey management and procedure design 2011 – Adaptation to ADQ (73/2010) 2012 – eAIP based interfaces for text and aeronautical data origination Michal Kadlec 28/03/2017

5 Overview of Wiz@rd Suite Solution
Michal Kadlec 28/03/2017

6 Origination Interfaces
offers configurable origination interfaces based on SLA: Free text Attachments – structured (importable)/unstructured eAIP-based text origination eAIP-based aeronautical data origination Customizable SDO forms AXL – system-to-system interface Michal Kadlec 28/03/2017

7 Origination Interfaces – eAIP-based Text Changes
Michal Kadlec 28/03/2017

8 Origination Interfaces – eAIP-based Data Changes
Michal Kadlec 28/03/2017

9 Origination Interfaces – SDO Forms
Michal Kadlec 28/03/2017

10 Workflows Michal Kadlec 28/03/2017

11 Workflow Engine Features
Fully configurable workflows Role based responsibilities Notifications Traceability and Legal recording Reporting 3rd party app integration Michal Kadlec 28/03/2017

12 Workflow Implementation Cycle
Definition Configuration Deployment Evaluation Refinement Trial/Operational Use Michal Kadlec 28/03/2017

13 Workflow Samples Michal Kadlec 28/03/2017

14 Source validation rules (SLA Configuration) Data Validation Rules
ADQ Related Tools SDO Source validation rules (SLA Configuration) Data Validation Rules Metadata AIXM 5.1 Import/export eAIP Compliant to EUROCONTROL Specification for the Electronic Aeronautical Information Publication Michal Kadlec 28/03/2017

15 Conformance assessment (EC 73/2010) Operational Concept Definition
Services Conformance assessment (EC 73/2010) Operational Concept Definition Project Management Data Migrations Training & Workshops Michal Kadlec 28/03/2017

16 Content Concept & Solution Compliance Experience Michal Kadlec

17 ADQ to Avitech Solution Mapping
Article 4 – Data set AIXM 5.1 Article 5 – Data exchange AIXM 5.1, eAIP, AXL Article 6 – Data quality ADP workflow, SDO validation rules, Metadata, SLA Article 7 – Consistency, timeliness and personnel performance ADP workflow, task allocation, notifications, reminders, workflow plan Article 1 - Subject matter Article 2 - Scope Article 3 - Definitions Michal Kadlec 28/03/2017

18 ADQ to Avitech Solution Mapping (cont.)
Article 8 – Tools and software requirements SWAL 4, plan be SWAL 3, V-model development Article 9 – Data protection CRC generation and check Article 10 to 13 – Management and Conformity requirements ISO 9001 Michal Kadlec 28/03/2017

19 Content Concept & Solution Compliance Experience Michal Kadlec

20 Typical ADQ Project Phases
Status Assessment Definition Implementation Internal Validation External Validation Verification Operation & Maintenance Michal Kadlec 28/03/2017

21 ADQ Related Projects 6 5 3 1 2011 2012 2013 2014 Q3 Q4 Q1 Q2 EU 1 EU 2
(MIL) World 6 Implementation Validation Operation 5 Implement Validation Operation Implementation Validation Operation 3 1 Implement Validation Operation Michal Kadlec 28/03/2017

22 => Multiple iterations => Longer implementation
Lessons learned Workflow Definition related issues: No documented workflows exist Workflows documented but not followed Insufficient workflow description (only happy-end scenarios, missing steps) External parties involved in the workflow Lack of business modelling know-how => Multiple iterations => Longer implementation Michal Kadlec 28/03/2017

23 Lessons learned (cont.)
Other ADQ implementation related issues: Lack of common understanding of ADQ requirements Unstable requirements Country specific requirements & culture Changes in AIM software development processes to fulfil SWAL requirements - longer release times, Re-verification of the solution => strict release planning & longer time to implement and delivery => increased development costs = difficult to develop COTS solution - , also the user need re-certification to use new version of software, raising cost on development Michal Kadlec 28/03/2017

24 Questions? Company Locations Thank you for your attention!
Frankfurt am Main Questions? Avitech GmbH Bahnhofplatz 1 / POBox 1430 D Friedrichshafen Germany Phone: Fax: - Friedrichshafen/Konstanz Bratislava Michal Kadlec 28/03/2017

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