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Inmarsat Aeronautical System Status

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1 Inmarsat Aeronautical System Status
Damian Harrington Aeronautical Systems Engineer 30 October 2003

2 Inmarsat Aeronautical
Classic Services Overview Aero-H  Aero-H+/I  (SARPs Compliant) Aero L  Swift64 Aeronautical BGAN

3 Classic Services Overview
ACARS (DATA-2) AES X.25 (DATA-3) Cabin and Cockpit voice and data services with full P3 capability PSTN GES

4 Inmarsat Aero-H Global Beam Only 21K Voice PC-data and Fax Packet Data
600 – bps channel rates Shared channels

5 Inmarsat Aero-I/H+ Aero-I (Intermediate Gain Antenna)
Spot Beam Operation 8.4K Voice PC-data and Fax Global Beam Operation Packet Data at 600 – 4800 bps Aero-H+ (High Gain Antenna) Global & Spot Beam Operation Packet Data at 600 to bps

6 Inmarsat-3 Spotbeam Coverage Area

7 Inmarsat Aero-L Global beam only Low Gain antenna – Omnidirectional
Data 600 and 1200 bps Supported by all GESs

8 Inmarsat Swift64 Uses existing High Gain Antenna Has two services
Swift64 ISDN Service Swift64 MPD Service Uses existing Inmarsat ISDN and MPDS infrastructure on INM-3 spotbeams Swift64 ISDN Swift64 MPDS

9 Swift64 ISDN Service AES NCS LES ISDN

10 Swift64 ISDN Service Circuit mode service One ‘user’ per channel
Data throughput is 64 kbits/s Charged per time unit

11 Swift64 MPD Service User AES Internet Internet NCS HLES SBS

12 Swift64 MPD Service Packet mode service. Multiple ‘users’ per channel.
User has a portion of the 64 kbits/s channel at any one time. Charged per kbit not connection time.

13 Aeronautical BGAN Swift64
Inmarsat-4 satellites will provide new service opportunities in all aeronautical market segments: Increase data rates for existing satcoms installations. New data services for medium/ short-haul aircraft and helicopters.

14 Space Segment – INM 4 User Link : L Band Feeder Link : C Band
Orbital Positions F1: approx. 65 E F2: approx. 54 W F3: TBD (if 3 successful launches) Prime Contractor : Astrium 10 year lifetime (minimum) Launchers Atlas 5, Ariane 5 Has a LxL capability

15 Satellite Launch Configuration
Spacecraft Power: 12 kW Launch Mass : 6 Tons Solar Array Span : m Overall Dimensions: 6.9 m Z axis, 2.9 m X axis, 2.35 m Y axis EUROSTAR E3000 Structure comprises: Service Module (SM) Communications Module (CM)

16 Satellite Overall Coverage Area

17 Spot Beam Coverage 54 West
Narrow Spot Beams Wide Spot Beams

18 Satellite Overall Coverage Area

19 Ground Segment BGAN SAS 1 BGAN SAS 2 BGAN DCN BGAN DCN I4 Satellite
L-Band User Links I4 Satellite I4 Satellite I4 Satellite I4 Satellite L-Band User Links (F2 ~ 54W) (F2 ~ 54W) (F1 ~ 65E) (F1 ~ 65E) RF/IF CN RAN 1 RAN 2 RF/IF CN RAN 1 RAN 2 BGAN SAS 1 BGAN SAS 2 BGAN DCN BGAN DCN Satellite Orbital Data; TT&C Resource & Network Management Billing Data, Fault Management, Customer care Inmarsat SCC Inmarsat BOC Inmarsat NOC PoP Other PLMNs PDN PSTN ISDN

20 Aero BGAN Based upon a new Inmarsat Air Interface Specification.
Defines a range of data rates QPSK and 16 QAM Symbol rates of: 16.8, 33.6, 67.2 and ks/sec Variable rate coding – set of predefined puncturing matrices Coding indicated by U.W’s Change rate per 1 dB in C/No Operating point chosen for a PER of 1 x 10-3 User data rates up to 492 kbit/sec Adapted for a range of Antenna types (High, Intermediate & Low Gain)

21 Antenna Types Aero low gain BGAN Aero L - global Aero I BGAN Aero I
tbd kbit /s rx /s tx Aero L - global 1.2 kbit /s PMD Safety services Aero I BGAN 200 344 192 332 Aero I regional 2.4 /s fax and data 4.8 /s X.25 Aero high gain BGAN 266 422 492 Swift 64 64kbit/s ISDN & MPDS Aero H/H+ Voice, fax, PM data BGAN Mode Existing mode kbit kbit

22 BGAN Deployment Schedule
2005 2003 2004 Regional Launch Global Launch Development Phase CN Integration & Test RAN Integration & Test Pre-I4 Testing Testing over I4 Alpha Testing I4 F1 Available I4 F2 Available Beta Testing This slide shows BGAN schedule and NOT Aero BGAN. Aero due one year later due to equip. manufacturers.

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