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SCG/7 14-15 May 2008 Item 2.2 – AP01 Deployment of the ATM Master Plan IP1 Dimitris APSOURIS EUROCONTROL DAS/SIS.

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1 SCG/7 14-15 May 2008 Item 2.2 – AP01 Deployment of the ATM Master Plan IP1 Dimitris APSOURIS EUROCONTROL DAS/SIS

2 Background : context and general objectives Consistency of CND Programme with the SESAR IP1 related activities (remaining R&D, industrialisation and deployment) Analysis of Master Plan framework and mapping of CND Work- programme activities to that Identifying additional IP1 related headlines for submission to the ECIP process (ECIP 2009-2013 preparation addressed by WP/….).

3 IP1 / SESAR& Master Planning phases (Identification of needs) V0 (Concept definition) V1 (Feasibility) V2 (pre-industrial development and integration) V3 (Industrialisation) V4 (Deployment) V5 (Operations) V6 (Decommissioning) V7 Target Concept and architecture R&D « Deployment » Activities potentially under SJU (Standardisation, regulation, guidance material, particular CBAs….) IP1: SESAR Implementation Package 1 ATM capability levels (CP) & service levels (SL): 0 & 1 95 Operational Improvement Steps (OIs) and 38 Transversal Improvement Steps (TIs) for which Initial Operational Capability (IOC) is by 2013

4 Links of Short Term CND activities with IP1

5 Conclusions Initial assessment shows a good coverage of the Deployment Work Programme (IP1) OI/TI steps by the CND Work Programme activities. Further analysis is required to identify more precisely the CND activities contributing to the ATM Master Planning Framework processes (e.g. Master Plan maintenance) for IP1 and to explain as needed their contribution. The current level of description of the CND Work Programme does not always allow a clear relation to the Master planning lifecycle phases. Further analysis work is required to support decision on the eligibility of the remaining IP1 R&D work remaining (for some IP1 OIs/TIs steps) to the SJU programme. The decision above will influence potentially the CND contribution to the SJU. Until such time that this decision is known at the end of the negotiation of the CND contribution to the SJU, there is no need to review the agreed prioritisation of the 2009 CND Work Programme.

6 IP/1 IP/2 & IP/3 OI/TI step lifecycle phase < V5 ? Existing CND work associated ? Prerequisite * nature of work ? NOT mature enough for ECIP Existing ECIP objective ? OI/TI step 100% covered ? ECIP translation already done Candidate for ECIP (new of modification) No Yes No *prerequisite means that associated work needs to be successfully completed before Stakeholders can decide on the effective implementation Yes How to identify SESAR IP/1 candidates for ECIP

7 Mapping OI/TI steps to CND and to to ECIP Step 1 Step 2 Step 3

8 Outcome of the analysis The analysis shows a good coverage, by the ECIP 2009-2013, of the IP1 OI/TI steps mature for implementation. A total of 10 Improvement steps have been identified, which would potentially lead to: the creation of 2 new ECIP objectives; and the addition of SLoAs to 6 already existing ECIP objectives.

9 List of OI/TI steps candidates

10 TF/4 outcome The CND work programme is addressing IP1 and the coverage is good, but further refinement is needed to fully describe the mapping Delivery of the 2013 baseline is dependent on stakeholder commitment The ECIP process is the only currently available means for driving IP1 deployment Proposed additional IP1 related ECIP Objectives and SLOAs were supported for inclusion in the 2009-2013 cycle, but additional justification material was needed ahead of the discussions at SCG/8 (SCG/8/FL06)

11 Recommendations The Members of the SCG are invited to: a)Consider the initial results of the analysis of the CND Work Programme contribution to the ATM Master Plan Implementation Package 1 (IP1). b)Note that further work is required in order to: i)better assess activities associated with the ATM Master Plan Framework supporting processes for IP1 ii)further assess the contribution of CND activities to IP1 (i.e. refine content analysis), particularly streamlining CND activities descriptions with the Master planning lifecycle phases c) Endorse the proposed way forward with regards to the integration of IP/1 related headlines into the ECIP process.

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