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RCC Strategy and Work Programme 2014-2016 RCC Annual Meeting Ohrid, 30 May 2013.

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1 RCC Strategy and Work Programme 2014-2016 RCC Annual Meeting Ohrid, 30 May 2013

2 RCC BEYOND 2013 Developing a new pattern of work Vision building process – SEE 2020 Upgraded relationship with SEECP More direct role in the EU Enlargement process Keeping on fundamental principles of regional cooperation: regional ownership, regional responsibility (leadership), all inclusiveness

3 Structure of the RCC SWP 2014-2016 1. INTRODUCTION First five years of operation Overview of progress so far and achievements from the previous strategy Key challenges identified - political, socio-economic, self-assessment (focus, streamlining) Introduction of the new strategy and how it responds to these challenges (SEE 2020) Main messages of the new strategy: (i) Job-creating growth through renewed focus on competitiveness and regional economic integration, (ii) support to accession (functional integration, acquis adoption, good governance)

4 Structure of the document (contd) 2. STRATEGY AND WORK PROGRAMME 2.1.1 Overview – Key objectives of SEE 2020 – Key operating principles of SEE 2020 and main features of implementation: measurable progress, quantifiable indicators, decentralized and multi-level (national administrations, regional organizations with mandate, international partners supporting the process) 2.1.2 Regional priorities – Horizontal (strategic leadership, coordination, monitoring of progress, donor coordination around SEE 2020, streamlining cooperation, strengthening reg. structures) – Sectoral priorities (Integrated: trade and investment, Smart: education, strengthening research capacities for innovation, cultural and creative sectors; digital society; Sustainable: resource efficiency; competitiveness; Inclusive: social development; Governance: improved public services, anti-corruption. 2.1.3 RCC Work Programme 2.1. SEE 2020 Strategy - Job Creating Growth and EU Integration

5 Structure of the document (contd) 2.2.1 Overview 2.2.2 Regional priorities – Greater coordination of regional cooperation in fighting organised crime – Support activities in the area of Migration, Asylum and Refugees – Improve efficiency of regional dialogue and cooperation mechanisms on security and defense issues – Contribute to enhanced political support to security cooperation and the cross-sectoral dimension 2.2.3 RCC work programme 2.2. JHA and Security Cooperation – Stability and Rule of Law

6 Structure of the document (contd) 2.3.1. Overview 2.3.2. Regional priorities – Supporting parliamentary activities related to the EU acquis and strengthening of SEECP parliamentary dimension – Fostering regional cooperation in the field of media – Supporting involvement of civil society – Gender 2.3.3. RCC work programme 2.3. Cross-cutting Issues – Extending Participation, Widening Partnerships

7 S TABILITY AND R ULE OF L AW : Security cooperation, fighting organized crime and supporting cooperation in migration mgmt (JHA, SEC) Budgeted: 26.8% of prog. activities J OB - CREATING GROWTH AND E UROPEAN INTEGRATION : Integrated, smart, inclusive, sustainable growth underpinned by good governance (ESD, EIU, BHC, JHA) Budgeted activities: 65.3% of programme activities SEE 2020 JHA and Security Cooperation Cross-Cutting Issues Revised RCC SWP Structure Cross Cutting Issues E XTENDING P ARTICIPATION, W IDENING P ARTNERSHIPS : Parliamentary cooperation, media development, NGOs, gender (BHC, Front Office) Budgeted : 7.9% pr.activ.

8 Links btween budget and activities Units ESD EIU JHA SCU BHC Stability and Rule of Law Cross-cutting SEE 2020 SWP 1. Trade and investment integration 2. Digital Society development 3. Increased competitiveness 4. Social development Activities 8. Strengthen regional cooperation in education 9. R&D & Innovation – Establishment of the RRP 10. Culture and Creative Sectors 11. Streamlining JHA activities in the Governance for Growth 12. Coordination of cooperation in fighting organised crime 13. Enhance regional cooperation on migration management 14. Development of effective regional mechanisms in SCU 15. Encourage the cross-sectoral dimension PAR & FO 16. Assisting SEECP in developing parliamentary dimension 17. Supporting parliamentary activities related to SEE 2020 18. Women Entrepreneurship Project 19. Independence and sustain. of public service media in SEE 5. Contribute to increased use of renewables, EE 6. Contribute to the devt of sust and integrated transport 7. Regional environmental and climate change cooperation Links between budget and activities

9 Key principles of the SWP 2014-2016 1.Added value to national efforts – regional relevance 2.Decentralized development and implementation 3.Quantifiable indicators and measurable progress 4.Clear governance structure and political support 5. Strong link with IPA 2

10 Governance of the RCC SWP South East Europe Cooperation Process Overall political guidance General policy orientation RCC Board/National Coordinators Regular monitoring and oversight Intra-governmental coordination through national coordinators Implementation of regional actions Convening role, consensus building Coordination and reporting RCC Secretariat Natl admi- nistrations/ line ministries … Streamlining with national (horizontal and sectoral) strategies and implementation at the national level RCC Annual Meeting Adoption of SWP Annual stock-taking of progress in achieving targets Natl admi- nistrations/ line ministries Natl admi- nistrations/ line ministries


12 SEE 2020 Implementing Structure pillar: integrate d growth pillar: smart growth pillar: sustainab le growth pillar: inclusive growth pillar: governan ce SEE 2020 RCC GovBoard SEEICCEFTA RAI TFCS R&D Platform ERI SEE RESPA NALAS e-SEE REC SEEIC IGWGSD SEECEL SEEHN Ministries of education, employment, social affairs, health Ministries of economy, energy, environment, agriculture Ministries of PAR, justice, interior, judicial authorities Ministries of trade, economy, investment

13 Western Balkans Other SEE states Other EU SEE 2020 targets, policy objectives and implementation methods Cooperation at the level of measures (e.g. trade facilitation, investment promotion, etc.) Knowledge transfer, peer learning, etc. 23.7 million 142.4 million 500 million Layers of SEE 2020 Implementation

14 If done correctly, SEE 2020 provides… A clear framework with identified strategic targets, indicators and measures to guide cooperation, consistent with national priorities Governance framework for cooperation and coordination on policy responses to issues that cross national borders Framework for interaction with donors engaged in regional interventions and coordination with national IPA programmes

15 …with clear benefits for regional cooperation as well Unambiguous roles of stakeholders in regional cooperation Fully streamlined activities of regional players Clear monitoring mandate with pre-defined indicators and agreement with regional structures and national administrations Strong focus

16 Challenges: 1.Political will 2.Capacities and institutions 3.Putting forward appropriate governance mechanisms and incentives 4.Coupling commitments with tools to reach objectives 5.Intra-governmental coordination within the SEE administrations 6.Barriers (infrastructure, NTBs) 7.Evolution of the EU Enlargement Policy

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