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3 Where I was from :

4 About Ms. Kattie I live in Hardinsburg behind Swifty’s. I have lived here for 8Years.

5 Birthday : June 10 th 1978 That means Im 34 years old!!

6 College Years

7 My Son Potter

8 My Best Friend Mrs. Stacy Critchelow

9 My family that lives in Bardstown. Denice.. 51 Jan..49 Lee.. 44 That means Im the Baby!!

10 My Favorite Sprots Teams

11 Favorite things to eat.

12 Favorite T.V. Shows

13 Procedures

14 Favorite things to do.

15 Favorite Music

16 Must have……

17 Rules of the Gym: Rules of the Gym: 1. Be quiet entering and leaving the gym area. *There are other students near the gym that are working. Please be respectful of others. *You will have plenty of time to talk but entering and exiting is not the time. *When teacher is talking …. You will give full attention to THEM.

18 Rules of the Gym: 2. Respect all P. E. equipment, indoors and out. This means using it the proper way. Cleaning up after yourself when finished.

19 Rules of the Gym: 3. Food, drinks, gum and candy do not enter the gym area.

20 Rules of the Gym: 4. Wear tennis shoes and proper P. E. attire when participating. This means wear shoes that you can run in easily. Boys should not wear their dresses or shirts. Girls should not wear their cowboy boots or hats.

21 Rules of the Gym: 5. Keep your hands and feet to yourself.

22 Rules of the Gym: 6. Show great sportsmanship always This means play fair, say good game and don’t worry about who the winner is. We are here to learn, exercise, and have fun.

23 Rules of the Gym 7. Do not leave the gym area without permission from a teacher. *I must know where you are at all times.

24 Rules of the Gym: 8. Respect others and the teacher. To get Respect you MUST give Respect. Treat others the way you want to be treated. Having good manners is a sign of respect so use your manners.

25 Rules of the Gym: 9. "Whistle" - stop - look – listen Fist = Zero: no talking Freeze: NO talking – No moving

26 Rules of the Gym: 10. Follow the Strike Three System Strike 1 : Remember the rules Strike 2: Take caution and fix problem Strike 3: Your out of the activity for the remainder of the class. ( Note will be sent to teacher and note may also be sent home to get signed and returned.)

27 Procedures Entering Gym: Students will come into gym walking, they will find their spot and set quietly waiting. Getting Drinks: All students will get drinks at the end of the class. Do not ask before time unless it’s a emergency. I will call your name to get a drink at the end of class. I will also pick a counter. It is that persons job to say 1.2.3 go. Follow the counters orders or there will be no drinks again. Restroom Breaks: We must remember to use the restroom before coming to P.E. We do not go in my class. If it is a emergency then you will be required to miss 10 mins of activity time when you return. Lining up: when class is over students will line up behind the tennis. Remember we will exit quietly.

28 Injuries If you get hurt in P.E class you must tell me. It is my job to care for you and make sure you are ok. DO NOT go back to the room and tell teacher your hurt or go home then tell parents the same thing and say Ms. Kattie didn’t do anything. If I don’t know your hurt I cant help you. So PLEASE tell me.

29 Sick Notes If you can not participate in P.E one day please make sure you have a note from parent letting me know why and what is going on.

30 Class Layout 1. Stretching: As a group we will get our bodies ready to participate in activities. 2. Exercises: As a group we will be various exercise to help the heart and body. 3. Lesson: Meeting at the board will take place. We will complete the I can statement and learn information about sports and health. 4. Activity: We will play activity that goes along with lesson that we are working on. 5. Water break & Cool off time

31 Assignments Assignments & Getting a grade can include: Participating in activity and lesson Following Rules and directions (behavior grade) Test or paper assignments at times may occur

32 Notes from Ms. Kattie Treat Ms. Kattie the way you would like to be treated. I have a heart and feelings too.. Lets have a FUN and GREAT year together. I love my job and I love what I do so that means that I also LOVE YOU.

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