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Introduction to MATLAB CBE 502 Mathematical Methods of Engineering Analysis.

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1 Introduction to MATLAB CBE 502 Mathematical Methods of Engineering Analysis

2 Where to get MATLAB Princeton Software : Office of Information Technology (OIT) software/matlab/

3 What is MATLAB High level language useful for technical computing with extensive library of mathematical and graphical subroutines Stands for MATrix LABoratory

4 MATLAB Desktop

5 MATLAB Introduction Creating Matrices A=[1,2,3;4,5,6;7,8,9]; Will give a 3 X 3 matrix A= 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 Very easy to access/modify each element A(i,j)

6 MATLAB Introduction zeros(m, n): matrix with all zeros ones(m, n): matrix with all ones. eye(m, n): the identity matrix rand(m, n): uniformly distributed random randn(m, n): normally distributed random magic(m): square matrix whose elements have the same sum, along the row, column and diagonal.

7 MATLAB Introduction Colon Notation ‘:’ – Generating Vector Step Size – Access to part of Matrix ‘end’ Notation

8 MATLAB Introduction Operators – ^: exponentiation – *: multiplication – /: division – \: left division. The operation A\B is effectively the same as INV(A)*B, although left division is calculated differently and is much quicker. – +: addition – -: subtraction Pay attention to size of the arrays

9 Relational/Logical Operator == Equal to ~= Not equal to < Strictly smaller > Strictly greater <= Smaller than or equal to >= Greater than equal to & And operator | Or operator

10 MATLAB Introduction Element by Element.^,.*,./ – Different from Matrix Operation Flow Controls – If, else, for, while, break.. M File – text file containing program to run

11 Built In Functions mean(A): mean value of a vector max(A), min (A): maximum and minimum. sum(A): summation. sort(A): sorted vector median(A): median value std(A): standard deviation. det(A) : determinant of a square matrix dot(a,b): dot product of two vectors Cross(a,b): cross product of two vectors Inv(A): Inverse of a matrix A

12 Some Useful/Interesting MATLAB Commands who List known variables whos List known variables plus their size help >> help sqrt Help on using sqrt lookfor >> lookfor sqrt Search keyword sqrt in m-files what >> what a: List MATLAB files in a: clear Clear all variables from work space clear x y Clear variables x and y from work space clc Clear the command window any (x) returns 1 if any element of x is nonzero all (x) returns 1 if all elements of x are nonzero isnan (x) returns 1 at each NaN in x isinf (x) returns 1 at each infinity in x finite (x) returns 1 at each finite value in x

13 2D Plots Important Functions – plot, hold, title, xlabel, ylabel, legend – Sub plots, saveas,

14 Examples MATLAB.. Here we come !!

15 Keep on exploring MATLAB.. May the Coding force be with you Thanks..

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