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Systems Analysis & Design

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1 Systems Analysis & Design
BTEC National Diploma Unit 11 Task 3 - System Requirements Specification (P5, M2, D1)

2 Aim: Create a System Requirements Specification to help drive the project along
Outcomes: Everyone will select information that can be organised into a concise but detailed format in order to outline the project requirements Everyone will ask the client questions in order to collect information where it hasn’t been provided

3 System Requirements Specification
Based upon your findings in task 2 you are required to produce a system requirements specification document Details you must include: Scope Constraints Inputs Outputs Processes Recommended Solution

4 1. INTRODUCTION The name, location and nature of the business
Who are the customers/market Names & contact details of key staff What is the business problem you are trying to solve and why is a new system needed

5 2. SYSTEM OVERVIEW Who is intended to use it ?
How many users are there (both the total number and the maximum number of concurrent users at any one time)? Are they the same type of user or different (eg sales and management) ? What level or computer experience will the users have (eg familiarity with Word/Excel) ? ETC…

A description of what the new system should do to solve the business problem. This will probably be a few lines explaining what you want to achieve eg. Faster transactions More accuracy Higher sales / profit Better customer service More user-friendly system for staff etc.

7 4. DATA TO BE HELD Describe what data tables you expect to hold eg.
Customer DVD Rental records etc. Provide as much detail as you can. For example a customer record might consist of a name, address, tel. no, fax no, mobile no, address and so on.

8 5. OPERATIONAL SCENARIO Describe a set of scenarios that illustrate, from the user's perspective, what will be experienced when using the system under various situations eg. Renting a DVD Returning a DVD Chasing overdue payments etc.

9 6. SCHEDULE & BUDGET Describe what timescale you are working to, any critical deadlines, any management constraints (eg manager away on holiday in May) and the budget you are working to. Include a breakdown of where the budget is going to be spent. Hardware/software/Training/Maintenance/ ISP/Project Fees

10 Merit Guidance (M2) Suggest a range of alternative solutions to the recommendation you have made in the System Requirements Specification. You must give valid reasons for each. Put these a separate section, not within the System Requirements Specification. These can simple alternatives, the client has given you his requirements so they must meet these.

11 Distinction Guidance (D1)
Undertake a cost benefit analysis of the proposed system. You do not need to include precise costs, approximations are adequate. All elements that should be part of a cost benefit analysis must be included. Produce a 10 Year Plan Explain benefits and where break even point is expected to be reached (Template on Moodle)

12 Assignment Task 3 (P5) Continue to work on System Requirement Specification (P5) Based upon your findings in task 2 produce a system requirements specification document Carry out any further investigation into the business (Scenario, questionnaire findings) Ask Dawid (your tutor) questions via Moodle messaging or about information you don’t know (this can be evidence for P4 too) The document must be proof read See help sheet on Moodle for structure

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