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European Investment Bank

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1 European Investment Bank
Western Balkans in 2020 – Overcoming the Economic Crisis and Developing Competitive Economies Sarajevo, 25 February Western Balkans Investment Framework (WBIF) – a new approach to financial support in the region MASSIMO CINGOLANI Deputy Head of Division – General Directorate for Lending in Europe 28/03/2017 European Investment Bank

2 European Investment Bank
28/03/2017 European Investment Bank

3 European Investment Bank
EIB Products In the Western Balkans, the EIB operates primarily through: Direct loans to final beneficiaries for projects with a cost above EUR 25 million Intermediated loans channeled through intermediary banks, whereby the intermediary is obliged to transfer the financial benefits from EIB resources (lower interest rates and longer maturities) to SMEs and municipalities (projects have a cost between EUR and EUR 25 million); intermediated loans to Mid-Caps (projects above EUR 50 million) Framework loans to central and local public authorities for projects of up to EUR 50 million Currently, the existing credit lines in the region amount to EUR 2 billion, out of which more than half are yet to be disbursed In addition, in collaboration with the EU Commission, SMEs and public authorities can also benefit from a combination of EIB loans and Commission grants (SME Finance Facility, Municipal Finance Facility, Energy Efficiency Finance Facility) The EIB contributes to the European Fund for Southeast Europe (EFSE) that provides sustainable financing to micro and small enterprises and to the South East Europe Energy Efficiency Fund (SE4F) 28/03/2017 European Investment Bank

4 EIB Activity in Western Balkans & Croatia from 2004-2009
EUR M 28/03/2017 European Investment Bank

5 European Investment Bank
2009 Activity In 2009, contracts signed in the Western Balkans and Croatia for EUR 1.68 billion (EUR 1.26 billion in WB). Signatures in all countries of the region apart from Kosovo (under UNSCR 1244). Strong increase in Loans to SMEs (EUR 700 million, through 14 operations) & public infrastructure. New sectors and new types of operations. Disbursements of EUR 586 million in 2009 from EUR 529 million in 2008 (EUR 370 m and EUR 315 m without Croatia). Launch of Western Balkans Investment Framework, and development of its activities together with EC, EBRD and CEB. Implementation of Western Balkans Facility (EIB provided EUR 1 million), contribution to launch of EC Facilities (IPF-TA and IPF-MW). 28/03/2017 European Investment Bank

2009 EC approved IPA Multi-Beneficiary Crisis Response Package EIB involved in: Private Sector Support Facility & Energy Efficiency Fund EIB launch of Loan for SMEs product in the Western Balkans GLs + Loans for SMEs: 2010 EIB proposals to package financial products addressing SMEs’ access to finance and the regional dimension of SMEs’ financing 28/03/2017 European Investment Bank

7 European Investment Bank
2010 Outlook Consolidation of the 2009 high level of activity Focus on SMEs, large transport networks (Trans-European corridors and infrastructure) Western Balkans Investment Framework: 2010 key year managing the volume of operations effective coordination and pooling of financial resources assessment of results on the ground 28/03/2017 European Investment Bank

OFFICIALLY LAUNCHED on 8-9 December 2009 KEY PLAYERS: Beneficiary countries (WB including Croatia); European Commission; Partner International Financial Institutions – IFIs (EIB, EBRD, CEB); EU Member States (including bilateral financial donors) OBJECTIVE: to pool financing resources (grants and loans) on regional priority projects COMPONENTS: A Joint Grant Facility (JGF) pooling grants from the European Commission, IFIs and bilateral donors; A Joint Lending Facility (JLF) based on loans provided by IFIs SECTORS: transport, energy, environment, social sectors, SMEs, energy efficiency INTEGRATED FINANCING PACKAGES: blending loans with grants; providing customised TC (e.g. identification, technical & management assistance, feasibility study, detailed design, assistance to tendering process, supervision of works, environmental impact assessment) INTEGRATED PROJECTS PIPELINE: Steering Committee in December '09 approved 26 projects for a total of EUR 26 million of grants and EUR 2.2 billion of loans WEBSITE: (platform) under development CONTACT: 28/03/2017 European Investment Bank

HOW TO SUBMIT PROJECTS National IPA Coordinator (NIPAC) Donor Coordination Offices Beneficiary Identification of project PROJECT FINANCIERS’ GROUP UPCOMING MEETINGS II - March 24 III - May 26 IV - September 29 V - November 24 Screening Project Financiers’ Group Financing approval Steering Committee STEERING COMMITTEE UPCOMING MEETINGS 2010 II - June (tbc) III - Last quarter (in a beneficiary country) 28/03/2017 European Investment Bank

10 THANK YOU Massimo CINGOLANI Deputy Head of Division
Western Balkans Investment Framework Tel.: (+352) Fax: (+352) 28/03/2017 European Investment Bank

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