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Breeding the Master “Race”. Respond to the following Use the first thought that enters your mind.

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1 Breeding the Master “Race”

2 Respond to the following Use the first thought that enters your mind

3 All Whites are …

4 All Blacks are…

5 All Latinos are…

6 All Asians are…

7 All Arabs are…

8 All Turks are…

9 All homosexuals are…

10 Conclusion White Black Latin Asian Arab Turks Homosexuals

11 Google Data

12 Dog Activity (Working in groups of 4) 1.Tear one page and assign each student a section 2.Read the assigned dog characteristics 3.Answer questions 1-7

13 Reading Readiness 0-I did nothing 1-I read somewhat but spent the time talking 2-I read and can present but am not sure of my answers 3-I read and am confident that I can present

14 Gauge your Role During this Task Give yourself a 0-If you did absolutely nothing to help your team 1-If you did the task just for completing it without regard for meaning, understanding or other people in your group 2-If you are in the middle 3-If you read, made the connections and communicated your assigned section’s relevance to the task

15 Do you agree, disagree or think my comparison is absurd and ridiculous?

16 PETA and the KKK

17 AKC Breeder Symposium

18 PETA Holocaust on a Plate

19 Westminster Dog Show

20 Truth about Breeding 1:20

21 How did the Nazis use Race? The foundation of the National Socialist worldview is the knowledge of human inequality. No one will likely disagree with this as long as we stick to physical appearance. It is obvious that the “red skins,” the “yellow people,” the Negroes, and the whites are very different. And all whites are not the same. The careful observer can find differences in physical size and shape. The color of the eyes, hair, and skin also varies greatly. From a booklet of material for Hitler Youth leaders 1937

22 This poster shows what happens if parents of good racial stock have two children, but those of poor racial stock have four. They begin in equal numbers, but after 120 years the weaker are the overwhelming majority.

23 “Sterilization is liberation, not a punishment.” It show three handicapped children, with the caption: “Who would want to be responsible for this?”

24 This poster asserts that someone with a genetic illness costs the state on average 50,000 Marks by the time he reaches 60 years of age, which must be paid for by healthy citizens.

25 Reich Citizenship Law of September 15, 1935 Article 1 1. A subject of the state is a person who enjoys the protection of the German Reich and who in consequence has specific obligations toward it. 2. The status of subject of the state is acquired in accordance with the provisions of the Reich and the Reich Citizenship Law. Article 2 1. A Reich citizen is a subject of the state who is of German or related blood, and proves by his conduct that he is willing and fit to faithfully serve the German people and Reich. 2. Reich citizenship is acquired through the granting of a Reich citizenship certificate. 3. The Reich citizen is the sole bearer of full political rights in accordance with the law.

26 Law for the Prevention of Offspring with Hereditary Diseases (July 14, 1933) § 1. Anyone suffering from a hereditary disease can be sterilized by a surgical operation if, according to the experience of medical science, there is a high probability that his offspring will suffer from serious physical or mental defects of a hereditary nature. Anyone suffering from any of the following diseases is considered hereditarily diseased under this law: 1. Congenital mental deficiency, 2. Schizophrenia, 3. Manic-depression, 4. Hereditary epilepsy, 5. Hereditary St. Vitus’ Dance (Huntington’s Chorea), 6. Hereditary blindness, 7. Hereditary deafness, 8. Serious hereditary physical deformity. Furthermore, anyone suffering from chronic alcoholism can be sterilized. § 2. Applications for sterilization can be made by the individual to be sterilized. If this person is legally incompetent, has been certified on account of mental deficiency, or is not yet 18, a legal representative has the right to make an application on this person’s behalf but needs the consent of the court of guardians to do so. In other cases of limited competency, the application needs to be approved by the legal representative. [... ] § 3. Sterilization can also be requested by the following: 1. the state physician. 2. In the case of inmates of hospitals, nursing homes, and penal institutions, by the head thereof.

27 Closure 1.What did you learn about the difference about race? Think about the first activity today. 2.How did the Nazi Party define race? 3.How has your understanding of race changed? Think about the first activity today. 4.What role does/has history played in defining race in America?

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