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Introduction to Metview

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1 Introduction to Metview
Vesa Karhila Fernando Ii ECMWF

2 About Introduction – What can I do with Metview 1 hour 15 min
Training course 3-5 March: three days! Contents: Introduction with examples Hands-on play with Metview Discussion, questions

3 About Metview Interactive meteorological application to: Access Manipulate Visualise meteorological data on Unix workstations “Everything in Metview is an icon” Easy to learn No need to type/remember commands Powerful meteorologically oriented macro language Interactive and batch modes Manuals available in PDF and HTML Check Metview web pages

4 What can I do with Metview?
grib bufr ascii ps,png, jpeg netcdf ps,png jpeg

5 Wind plotting

6 Field plotting

7 Field plotting

8 Satellite image + field

9 Satellite image

10 Tephigram

11 Observation plotting

12 Observation plotting

13 Observation plotting

14 Graph: curve, bar, area

15 Graph: curve, bar, area

16 Import Pictures

17 Map Layout

18 Metview Domain Visualisation is only the top of Metview iceberg!

19 Metview Concepts A Metview Task, e.g. Retrieve -> Compute -> Visualise/Save can vary widely in complexity, but always: Task is decomposed into simple steps in a logical sequence Each step is an operation on a Metview icon

20 Metview Main User Interface
Opened Desktop Main Desktop Menu Bar Click-Right for Desktop Menu Edit to open Desktop Icon Drawers Desktop Menu

21 Metview Icon Editors Family editor (Simple Formula)
Graphical editor (Display Window) Text editor (Macro) Standard editor (MARS Retrieval)

22 Metview Manuals Access to manuals on Metview web pages PDF version
Printable, searchable HTML version Linked to editors’ ‘?’ button Also: MARS and Magics manuals! (Running Metview locally: Installation Guide)

23 Where can I run Metview? Remotely at ‘ecgate’
You need ECMWF user id and access to ‘ecgate’ At your own institute Metview can be installed locally Freely available to Member States Available with a price tag for outsiders NOTE: Metview runs on Unix platforms Now on your training workstation…

24 ~trx/mv2004/mv_get_intro
Starting Metview Start Metview with command: metview_new & Get examples by running script: ~trx/mv2004/mv_get_intro

25 Metview Icon Editor example
Icon Id (click to see contents in plain text format) Help Button (linked to HTML Help Pages) Input area Input element: Icon Field Input element: Check Button Input element: Option Menu Templates Drawer: Stores predefined (frequently used) icons Input element: Alphanumeric Field Save/Exit area

26 Display Window Plot Size Control Menu Bar
Command Buttons (‘Tool Tip Help’ when pointing to) Frame Menu (Click-Right) Content Tab Controls Tab

27 ‘Change Geography’ Window
Available in Frame Menu Projection Buttons Menu Bar Command Buttons (‘Tool Tip Help’ when pointing to) Current Selection Coastlines Preferences In Edit menu

28 Scrolling Through Your Data
Inside a plot frame Select Scroll Command Button - cursor shape changes to a left/right arrow if more data available Using Controls Tab: Progress Meter: drawn/not-drawn (see also: Background Drawing Button) Animation/Step Controls Current Data Position Frame Selector (here only 1 frame) Click for a full List of Data

29 The VIEW Concept

30 Layout Editor - Layout Tab
Align Buttons Selected Frame View Icon Connected Frames New/Delete/Join Frames Tabs Subdivide selected Frame(s) Connect/Disconnect selected Frames

31 Contents Tab 3 Levels Active Frame(s)
Remove Buttons (‘Tool Tip Help’ when pointing to) Icon Edit (Click-Right)

32 Trajectories Trajectory database 30 days of data (-20…+10)
For Member States users: trajectory database only on ‘ecgate’ (and ‘ecgate1’) Two icons Define trajectories Define visualisation Predefined simple outlook – customise after plotting

33 3D Visualisation – Vis5D

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