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1 TSMAD20/DIPWG2-08.2A S-100 SYMBOL MODEL DIPWG-2 May 2010

2 Taking into account the previously proposed model, the new implementation does not deal with the graphic definition of shapes symbols. The FIRST objective for the register is to be able to generate the equivalent of the current S-52 symbol addendum with a minimum of information (metadata, bounding box, pivot point, colors used, line style used, etc.) Manufacturers can build their own library of symbols in conformance with information supplied by the symbol addendum. The portrayal catalog will supply metadata information for symbols used by the portrayal function. The S-100 Symbol Model

3 The S-100 Symbol Model defines symbol structure taking into account their type : Color Symbol Part Simple Line Style Symbol Part Shape Symbol Part Point Symbol Part Complex Line Style Symbol Part Pattern Symbol Part Text Symbol Part The S-100 Symbol Model

4 The S-100 Point Symbol Part Graphic elements do not become part of the model, only bounding box, the pivot point,colors referenced and an overview of the shapes symbol will be supplied, as they are in the current addendum)





9 The S-100 Color Model

10 (Color Graphic Instructions) A S100_ColorSymbol may be defined in two color spaces (at least one) with the help of ColorGraphicInstructions elements. The CIE color definition and the RGB color definition. The ideal encoding is to definite it with its X, Y, Luminance CIE coordinates and let the ECDIS manufacturers convert CIE to RGB color coordinates, following the color calibration of the CRT monitor. The ColorGraphicInstructions enables linking color definitions to an illumination condition (this attribute is mandatory).

11 The S-100 Color Model (Reference) The reference for color symbol enables the possibility of specifying a transparency value. float value [0-1] EXAMPLE 0 means no transparency 0.25 means 25% transparency 0.50 means 50% transparency 0.75 means 75% transparency 1 means a full transparency

12 The S-100 Simple Line Style Model

13 (Graphic Instructions) Only basic definitions (SOLD, DASH) of simple line style are registered in this version The definition of a DASH line style has been improved by adding the possibility to define a sequence of graphic marks: DashGraphicMarkLength - the length of dash segments. DashGraphicMarkSpace - the space between two dash segments. DashGraphicMarkStart - the space for starting the first dash segment (== offset). Extract from PL 3.4 (7.3.5 Parameters) Here the definition of the unique dash line in the current PL: 'DASH' ( ) dash: 3.6 mm; space: 1.8 mm 'DOTT' (.........) dot: 0.6 mm; space: 1.2 mm

14 The S-100 Simple Line Style Model (Reference) To reference a simple line style you have to specify : 1.Color Reference (mandatory) 2.Width (mandatory) The reference has been improved to allow for rendering the aspects of cap and joined segment

15 The S-100 Point Symbol Model (Overview)

16 The S-100 Point Symbol Model (Point Graphic Instructions)

17 The S-100 Point Symbol Model ( Shape,Point Symbol and Reference )

18 The S-100 Pattern Symbol Model (Overview)

19 The S-100 Complex Line Style Symbol Model

20 The S-100 Text Symbol Model

21 The S-100 Coordinate Reference System For Graphics 0 X Y Pivot Point Bounding Box Shape The S100_Graphic Coordinate Reference System. The coordinate of pivot point and the coordinates of graphics (used by graphics to define a shape) must reference a common Coordinate Reference System named S100_GraphicCRS : The S100_GraphicCRS has two dimensions (X,Y) The xAxis originates from the left side of the bounding box. The direction is DISPLAY_RIGHT. The unit is 0.01 mm (eg 100 = 1 mm) The yAxis originates from the top side of the bounding box. The direction is DISPLAY_DOWN. The unit is 0.01 mm (eg 100 = 1 mm) The unit for « width » of line style is 1 mmn.

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