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TSMAD20/DIPWG2-23B Rostock May 2010. Agenda Where we are What we are doing Prior to 2012 Post 2012.

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1 TSMAD20/DIPWG2-23B Rostock May 2010

2 Agenda Where we are What we are doing Prior to 2012 Post 2012

3 Where we are today S-57 has been frozen for over ten years Two Supplements have been issued for S-57 Fixes for Safety of Navigation S-100 published in January 2010 S-101 is in the initial planning stages Draft 0.1 is 90% complete

4 Selling S-101 S-101 is an improved navigation product Based on the plug and play functionality of S-100 Will bring improvements for the HOs Additional features Standard is easier to update and implement Improvements for Distributors? End user Improvements Improved Portrayal Improved Updating Navigation Information Overlays

5 Introduction of New Concepts We can think of an S-101 based ECDIS in the following manner: Front of Bridge Navigation Restricted to Navigation Information for Situational Awareness Back of Bridge Information Everything else for route and passage planning Navigation Information Overlays Sailing Directions Etc…

6 Need involvement from all sectors Member States Software Manufacturers OEMs Distributors End-users

7 S-101 Tentative Timeline 2012 First Edition S-101 published First Edition S-10X published for use in an S-101 ECDIS How Do We Get to this goal?

8 Prior to 2012 S-101 stakeholders need to establish the following: Exporting S-101 test data using the new 8211 Read S-101 into an ECDIS Read and S-10X into and ECDIS Prove that it is usable for navigation Test Beds User Feedback

9 How do we fund this? S-52 Product Library Used for S-100 portrayal International grants EU North America Member States Research Consortiums

10 International Coordination Need to coordinate with other International Bodies IMO ECDIS Performance Standard IEC IEC 61174 – ECDIS type approval E-NAV This may provide an opportunity to utilize S-101 and S-10X product specifications as the base navigation data

11 Post 2012 S-101 will be an official product specification How do we transition users from S-57 to S-101 5 years 10 years 15 years

12 S-101 Transition Challenges S-57 and S-101 will be produced and used in parallel HO production systems will have to produce both Distribution will need to consider both OEMs will need to read both IHO will need to maintain two standards User uptake for S-101

13 Questions for Discussion How do we maintain the interest of stakeholders? Is the 2012 deadline too ambitious? How do we fund this endeavor? How will coordination between other International Bodies be done?

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