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1 The EUR-AMHS Profile 32553.1536 WGN04-WP29 Annex 2.

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1 1 The EUR-AMHS Profile 32553.1536 WGN04-WP29 Annex 2

2 2 EUR-AMHS Rationale - Too many Options 32553.1529 ( Standards allow too many options for procurement ( ISPs simplify this to 28 Functional Groups - but dont do Aeronautical (ATS) MHS ( Doc 9705 SVIII (AMHS) adds further options ( EUR will use TCP/IP ( Base to Extended AMHS - too large a jump ( Many different documents are involved ( Procurement confusion may result

3 3 The EUR-AMHS Profile 32553.1530 ProcurerSupplier Simplifies Communication ( EUR-AMHS Reduces Options ( Simplifies Procurement for MTAs, UAs and MSs ( Single Document of 90-odd pages ( Extensive references to Base Standards, ISPs and Doc 9705 ( Contains Protocol Implementation Conformance Statement Proforma for each system type ( Technical needs & business needs fulfilled by EUR-AMHS

4 4 Minimum Functionality 32553.1535 ( Basic AMHS with Distribution List Expansion capability are mandated ( Specifies the use of the File Transfer Body Part (not Bilaterally Defined BP) ( Use of TCP/IP is mandated - not the OSI stack ( Use of Directory is not mandated (Out of Scope) ( Allows further options on a local basis

5 5 32553.1533 EUR-AMHS SCOPE UA ATSP-MD MS MTA UA P2-IPMS P2-IPMS/P7 P2-IPMS/P3 P3 P1 Directory Information EUR-AMHS Profile EUR-AMHS Profile International COM-Center International COM-Center

6 6 EUR-AMHS Content 32553.1532 References to Base Standards ISPs Doc. 9705 (AMHS) Section 6 - Procurement Guide for User Agent MTA and Message Store Systems Annex A IPM Annex.. P3 Annex.. P1.. Annex.. Use of TCP/IP.. Annexes - Technical Specifications and References Protocol Implementation Conformance Statements +

7 7 EUR-AMHS Deliverables 32553.1531 ( A 90 page complete AMHS specification ( For use of COM center managers ( Mandates a minimum AMHS functionality * Basic AMHS (including Distribution Lists) * File Transfer Body Part ( Allows limited options ( Extensive pointers to supporting standards/ISPs/SARPs ( Ownership and maintenance intended by ICAO EUR AFSG - AMHS Manual

8 8 EUR-AMHS Status - October 2004 32553.1534 ( Has been distributed for EUR-Region Stakeholder review and approval ( Issues resolved: *Profile scope has been clarified *Message Length maxima/minima clarified *Use of the Directory is now resolved (Directory Information is indicated as advice only) *Bilaterally defined Body Parts now replaced by File Transfer Body Part *Conformance statement included *Many editorial issues resolved

9 9 Thank You 32553.1538

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