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WGN04-WP30-Annex Overview Directory Survey Directory Survey New Orleans - 15/16 Nov.

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1 WGN04-WP30-Annex Overview Directory Survey Directory Survey New Orleans - 15/16 Nov 2004 AFSG/PG

2 Introduction ( AMHS expects support of X.500 Directory DAP ( Doc 9705 specifies ATN Specific Dir Information ( EUR-AMHS and SPACE originally mandated Directory ( Some ATSPs interest in RFCs LDAP - for cost effectiveness ( Do products support ATN Specific information over DAP? - over LDAP? over WEB? ( So - A limited survey to discover the reality ….. 32553.1546

3 Rationale & Problem Statement ( X.500 DAP is regarded as expensive ( LDAP/WEB are regarded as cost effective - free ( But ATN Directory specifies special ATN information ( Do DAP/LDAP/WEB products support ATN information? ( Will costs increase for ATN Information support? 32553.1547

4 ATN Directory User Types 32553.1558 X.500 Directory X.520/ 521 X.402 ATN X.509 WEB Gate LDAP Gate Administrator General Users AMHS User AMHS UA or MTA Online LDAP User LDAP Server DAP LDAP<>DAP DAP XML-HTTP<>DAP UsersGatewaysServers LDAP Group 1and 2 Systems Group 3 Systems (Based on Directory Product Survey)

5 Schema Principles 32553.1548 Schema DefinitionsDIT Elements Object Classes Attribute Types Attribute Syntaxes DIT Structure DIT Entries Attributes Values uses belongs to rules for

6 Schema Definition - 1 ( Object Class *Lists Attribute Types in an Entry *Defined by name + Object Identifier + List *No software to implement in DUAs/DSAs ( Attribute Type *Names an Attribute Type *Defined by Name + Object Identifier + Attribute Syntax *No software to implement in DUAs/DSAs 32553.1555 No problems - only user configuration required

7 Schema Definition - 2 ( Attribute Syntax (e.g. Integer, string …) *Describes the encoding of an Attribute Value on the communications line ASN.1 specification of value *Defined by Object Identifier + Name + ASN.1 specification of value *Suppliers must write software 32553.1556 Specifying new Attribute Syntaxes costs money

8 ATN Schema Additions ( ATN adds several new Object Classes - no problem ( ATN adds several new Attribute Types using existing (Standard Syntaxes) - no problem ( ATN adds two new attributes with new syntaxes *Global-Domain-Identifier - now resolved! *MTCU-Characteristics - a complex syntax - needs review! 32553.1557

9 Research - How? ( Suppliers questionnaire: *What schema elements are available as standard for DAP, LDAP (and WEB) access? *Do tools exist for configuration of new schema elements? *What schema elements need new software? 32553.1550

10 The Surveyed Suppliers ( ISODE - NEXOR - Data Connections - HP - ATOS-Origin ( SUN - Critical Path (ICL) - Bull - CDC - Computer Associates - Fujitsu - IBM - ISOCOR - Maxware - Microsoft - NCR - Siemens - Sun - Syntegra - Tandem - Unisys …... ( COMSOFT - Thales - Avitech - Copperchase - Boldon James - Global Weather 32553.1551

11 Results - Analysis ( One supplier supports the ATN Extensions in DAP ( No suppliers support ATN Extensions in LDAP ( ATN extensions inevitably incur extra cost ( ICAO could consider re-defining the expensive attributes ( WEB (HTTP) needs no new syntax definition (but requires a WEB site gateway 32553.1552

12 Recommendations - 1 ( User Communities should avoid defining Attribute Types using complex, non-standard syntaxes ( ICAO WGN should re-define the MTCU-Characteristics Attribute Type (the Global Domain Attribute has now been re-defined) ( ICAO WGN should consider whether LDAP is required ( ICAO must specify the ATN-specific schema elements in Backus Naur Form if LDAP is to be used ( XML should be avoided ( No further specification is required for HTTP access 32553.1553

13 Recommendations - 2 Possible Architecture 32553.1554 ATN-Directory DIB WEB GATE LDAP GATE Direct DAP Access WEB Browser Access LDAP Access DAP Access MTA & UA Processes + Dir Administrators AMHS Users General Users (Based on Directory Product Survey)

14 Thank You

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